Spicy Thai Thai Soup Noodles

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Know that going into Noodle Thai-Thai Kitchen means there’s a possibility of you leaving with puffy lips, runny nose and a fully satisfied tummy. Located a few doors down from Mrs Pho on Beach Road, Noodle Thai-Thai Kitchen dishes out flavourful and authentic bowls of noodles. Their Spicy Thai Thai Soup Noodles ($6.90) is not to be reckoned with — its soup is cooked with a generous portion of fiery hot chili powder commonly used in Thailand. What makes this stall stand out from the rest is its abundance of ingredients, from crispy pork rinds to fishcakes and meatballs. If you’re not looking to sweat it out, opt for the superb Signature Crispy Pork Jade Noodle Dry ($6.90) instead — al dente thin green noodles served with tender, flavourful slices of pork, a wobbly egg and fried wonton. The sweet-tangy sauce served on the side is great for dipping your pork into! Pro tip: Swing by during lunch with your colleagues and have the set lunch (from $5.90) — it comes with a traditional Thai dessert and a drink!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Alvin Wang

As I was sauntering over to Mrs. Pho for lunch, I came upon this 2-week old Thai eatery owned by a Thai lady named Candy who also happens to be the chef. My curiousity and appetite were piqued by her words that their tomyam is the traditional "Boran" style. After asking if I can handle spiciness, she proceeded to prepare a bowl of their "Spicy Thai Thai Soup Noodles" that after eating, left my lips puffy and my nose runny but I enjoyed every bit of the suffering.
Besides the strong hotness (which can be adjusted to be less intense if preferred), what stood out for me was the variety of toppings included with the thin rice noodles in the soup. There was a soft-boiled egg, a pork patty, crispy pork rind, a meatball (I love its crunchiness due to the addition of chicken soft bone), fishcake, fishball and fried wanton.
All of their lunch sets include a small dessert (today's was steamed tapioca pudding) and a drink (today's was ice lemon tea). The waitress explained that their boss changes the dessert and drink on a daily basis, so customers can try different things each time they visit. I sure like the sound of that!
Address: Noodle Thai-Thai Kitchen
327 Beach Road