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Egg Tart

$1.90 · 125 Reviews

Egg Tarts

The Cha Chan Teng culture has arrived in Singapore in a big way with more outposts of famous HK brands sprouting in Singapore. Ordered the egg tarts since that’s what they are famous for, and boy, it was surprisingly good!

Did not have high expectations as many similar egg tarts have disappointed but this one was very close to the original and tasted much better than its pop up at Taka previously. The egg tart was smooth, eggy and moderately sweet. The condensed milk toast was excellent too, crispy, warm and buttery.

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Had this pretty, piping hot egg tarts served at @taicheongsg new outlet opened @changiairport Terminal 3 basement... Pretty short handed, only one waitress and one supervisor on floor... Waitress was actively assisting customers but seems like when rank gets higher people just like to clear tables with no eye contact, when there are still empty seats for customers, instead of helping out to asher customers in and take orders, kind of turn off... Is just my personal honest opinion of the service, the wait is not too long compared to restaurants in Jewel... So can rest assured that you get your egg tarts in time, no issue for a quick tea break 😊 .
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The egg tarts had a gorgeous shortcrust pastry which I liked more than the traditional flaky ones which always tend to make too much of a mess. They had a delightful crunch and were buttery, crispy and rich. Absolutely 10/10 delicious and I could tell they were freshly baked. The pandan egg tart ($2.00) had an interesting whiff of pandan aftertaste. However the traditional egg tart ($1.90) took the cake for me, with its jiggly, sweet but not overpowering custard. Truly one of the best egg tarts I've had, good job TC Bakery :)

The chicken pie ($3.00) had flaky buttery crust and the inside was filled with a flavorful stuffing. It was sinfully good but I wished there were more chicken chunks in the stuffing to give it more of a bite.

Overall, I loved my visit here and a place to hit up when I miss Hong Kong cha chan teng food :)

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Absolutely LOVE their egg tarts, nothing beats a freshly baked warm egg tart on a lovely Saturday afternoon ☺️ but even though I packed it back home, it was still really good.

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Milk tea was okay and decent! Nice place to chill to escape the crowds at jewel
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First time eating at Tai cheong! usually just get takeaway

scrambled eggs- were really light and fluffy! the perfect texture. They had a milky taste that made it really delicious 10/10

spam fries- has a weird chewiness and aftertaste... 5/10

Charsiew bolo bun- one of my favourite items! perfect if you heat it up again at home and it is extra crispy 9/10

Chicken pie- love the cookie crust of it! always melts in my mouth. Don’t like the filling as much though.. too creamy for me 8/10

Pandan egg tart- Has a nice aroma and fragrance that in my opinion gives it an edge above the normal one! the crust is very crumbly and melts in your mouth 10/10

Quick service for dine in and nice ambience

Came by Holland Village to run some errands and decided to take a tea break at Tai Cheong. Thought I’d just get a small egg tart to go with my HK Milk Tea, but the spam fries did it again!! 😝😅 The scrambled was pretty good too!

Seriously one of the best egg tarts I have ever tried! The crust was so buttery and the egg fillings were so smooth ❤️ A must try 😍

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