Barachirashi Don

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It was best had with the freshly grated wasabi, that was really pungent and may prove to be a challenge even for regular consumers of wasabi!

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Tried out the new D2TLLRY at Market Street Food Centre which opens its doors starting today for lunch. Expect classics that they had been serving at DSTLLRY for both lunch and dinner menus such as their Barachirashi Don (available lunch and dinner) as well as bar bites (for dinner hours).

This is the salad version of their popular (and good) Barachirashi Don — features that all familiar marinated fish (salmon, tuna, prawns) that is exceptionally savoury with loads of Ikura atop a bed of greens laced with the sauce that makes it simply divine.

(PS: DSTLLRY at Media Circle is currently undergoing renovations and would focus more on Omakase when it reopens)