Tuna Pizza

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This stylish restaurant at JW Marriott has been offering modern and creative reinvention of Japanese cuisine, and now they're offering dishes for takeaways.
The five dishes pictured are:
* Signature Mushroom Pizza ($20). This is Akira Back’s worldwide bestselling dish
* Ji-dori Chicken ($28). Juicy chicken breast, perfected through 8-hour cooking where the chicken was brined, sous vide and browned. Served on a bed of soft truffled potato mash
* Brother from another Mother ($25, or $45 for any 2 signature rolls). My second favourite dish here. It comprises of Unagi Kabayaki and Anago Tempura topped with shaved Foie Gras tourchon. To enhance it, dip this into the accompanied ponzu mayo.
* Green Monster ($23, or $45 for any 2 signature roll). A roll with the timeless combination of cream cheese and avocado.
* Baked Crab Hand Roll ($16). My favourite rolls here. It's wrapped with king crab and crispy onions, then given a spicy kick with a dynamite metai sauce.
To order:
* Self Collection - Pre-order on https://jwmarriottsg.oddle.me/en_SG for self collection at Akira Back or drive through at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach driveway
* Delivery - Islandwide via Grabfood
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The name comes from the use of two types of eel, unagi and anago, in crunchy tempura form. The roll is topped with foie gras, and laid in ponzu mayo. The textures and tastes complement each other nicely. Of the rolls we tried, this was my favourite.

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One of the cold starters, you can either get AB Tuna Pizza ($26), AB Mushroom Pizza ($20), or a combination of both. The pizza is thin and crisp, and truffle oil gives it a delicious fragrance.

Omg this don’t look like much but it’s a bomb, this is highly recommended!! The crust was so thin and light, the Umami-ness of the Aioli, Micro Shiso and generous amount of Truffle totally compliment this fusion invasion damn well.

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Akira Back is located at JW Marriott Hotel, South Beach Road.

I can’t explain the cost and details of the dishes because there were too many and this was a treat from my father :)

First row (from left to right):
Yellowtail fin
Tuna pizza with truffle oil
Mushroom pizza with truffle oil
Sashimi platter (the scallop is so fresh!)

Second row (from left to right):
Wagyu beef in taco shell
Prawn tempura
Beef (sorry, don’t know what cut)
Spring chicken with truffle mashed potatoes

Third row (from left to right):
Cod fish with yuzu foam (the fish was good, didn’t like the foam though)
Named after a volcano in Indonesia. Topped with scallop and dynamite sauce
Holy Cow; prawn inside and seared tuna on top
King crab fried rice

Fourth row (from left to right):
Wagyu beef fried rice
Brother from another Mother; two types of eels topped with foie gras
Lemon sorbet
Pillow cheesecake

Should try their Brunch because there’s free flow of sushi and tempura at $98+ per pax


Tuna Pizza.
Didn’t expect the taste.
Thin crust with truffle oil.
So subtle and savoury!
Highly recommended!

The famed tuna pizza at Akira back is pretty good.

I think the biggest draw is the light and simple flavors; a blissful mix of fresh tuna, herbs and the nutty tortilla.

At $25 it's not the cheapest thing around, especially for an appetizer and I also heard the mushroom pizza is even better but that won't stop me from ordering this again. 🤗