Cream Bun (Whipped Cream)

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PIPES by Hattendo - Review
PIPES by Hattendo is located right outside Exit H of Outram Park MRT, which makes it really convenient. They had a glass exterior, and the interior was decorated with beautiful hanging lights and some sofa seats near the window, which made it really insta-worthy and perfect for a date. The place was also really spacious and comfortable.
They have different menus for lunch, dinner, takeaways, alcohol and coffee. I went there in the afternoon and tried their desserts, which are really amazing! The Cream Bun Set ($12.50) consists of five flavours: Custard, Whipped Cream, Matcha, Chocolate and Azuki. We also got the Amaou Cream Bun ($4) because of the cute strawberry packaging! The bun had a really soft texture that really melts in your mouth when you bite into it, and the burst of cream in your mouth is so refreshing, especially since it was chilled. The custard tasted light and not overpowering, with a really smooth texture that was of just the right viscosity - not too thick, not too liquid. The strawberry bun had cream with strawberry jam, and the two complemented each other really well - the jam had a sweet taste while the cream's lightness helped to bring out a different dimension. I don't know how to describe it well but I loved it. The chocolate cream was really light too, though as a personal preference I would have preferred the chocolate to be stronger. The azuki bun was mostly filled with cream, and as someone who likes red bean I would have enjoyed it even more if I could taste the red beans. Unfortunately, I did not try the matcha and whipped cream ones.
The Yuzu Panna Cotta ($5) was my absolute favourite. There was yuzu jelly on top of the pudding. The jelly melts with a burst of fragrant and sweet yuzu juice. The panna cotta was not too overpowering and the texture was soft. Pair the yuzu jelly with the panna cotta and wow, it's so perfect. I personally loved the jelly even more than the panna cotta itself!
The Honey Toast with Soft Serve ($24) looked so appealing on the menu, we had to give it a try. And it did not disappoint. They carved the thick toast out so that it formed a cute square shell, which kept it neat when the ice cream started melting. They filled it with honey-drizzled toast, and added soft serve on the top. You could add $2 for an espresso soft serve, but we went with the milk one. The white rounded plate was decorated with some jam and granola. It was so beautiful! And not only was it beautiful, it tasted really good too. I loved the honey-drizzled toast, the honey was so fragrant and the sweetness of the honey complemented well with the savoury butter of the toast. The ice cream was good too, just the right texture. There were berries with the jam on the plate which went well with the plain crusts of bread.
To wash down all that sweetness, we had the Hot Matcha Latte ($6). The latte art was beautiful, and the authentic taste of matcha was wonderful - fragrant yet not too bitter.
At the end of the day, we were even more pleasantly surprised to find that there was no additional GST and service charge.
Highly recommend this place for any dates or just a hangout with your friends! :)


Bun is so soft, great combination with the cold matcha whipped cream 😋


Still love how fluffy the cream bun is while the cream inside is light so you won’t feel too much after having one!


Generously filled cream buns. Got the azuki(red bean), custard, whipped cream bun [@$2.50 each] as well as matcha and custard melon bun [@$3 each]

Flavours are not too overpowering. Buns are fluffy as well. Love the cream to bread ratio.

Personally prefers the normal ones over the melon ones which have a sweet crunchy exterior. Recommend whipped cream flavoured bun! However, intense matcha lovers would be disappointed


This is Whipped Cream and Chocolate flavour.
The cream tastes very rich yet light that’s really addicting.
There are 3 others cream bun flavour (custard, matcha, red bean).
Find them in Christmas Bazaar in @singpostcentre only till 26 DEC 2017!
They have special edition Christmas Gift Pack too ($10 for 4).
Thankyou @kenpgl @singaporefoodlisting for inviting!
🚝MRT Payalebar
📍Singpost Mall Main Area. Post Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408600
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Rather soft buns!! Heard it's handmade from start to finish so all the more impressed!

Azuki bean filling had just the right amount of sweetness

Whipped cream was so milky and eggy

Matcha was underwhelming(lacking matcha taste and not sweet enough)

Chocolate was only slighter better than matcha.


The taste is rather mild for this so pick the custard cream bun if you're looking for something more flavourful! Other flavours include: azuki, matcha and chocolate🍫.

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lovely light whipped cream bun! went at 1930 and there were only 3 flavours left, whipped cream, custard & azuki.

This 80-year-old bread chain from Japan brings its dough-kneading talents to Singapore with this bakeshop situated in the newly opened Tanjong Pagar Centre. Started by founder and loaf legend, Kaoru Morimitsu, Hattendo serves oozy cream buns made daily as well as ready made salads and coffee from Itsuki Coffee. There are five Cream Buns ($2.50 each) available— Matcha, Custard, Azuki Beans, Chocolate and our favourite, Whipped Cream. It's no wonder why the Whipped Cream is the best seller — the cream is cloud-like and the soft buns are pillowy wonders. Grab a seat to watch the bakers in action through the glass kitchen or buy a box of the baked treats to go for your colleagues or family to share. Pro tip: Follow Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim's lead and get a bun and coffee set ($5) for tea time!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim