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Shoyu Ramen

$11.00 · 8 Reviews

ShoYu Ramen - S$11
📍: @xinhaoramen Singapore

Tucked away in a quiet corner on the 3rd floor of Bugis Cube, this shop serves ramen with a local twist!

Noodles: slightly springy, and goes well with the broth. Add some Japanese chili flakes to mix it up!
Broth: Slightly salty, with a bit of pork aftertaste.
The broth was not as thick as most ramen shops. However, foodies who prefer subtle flavours should love it!
Grilled meat : Usually offering both pork belly, and lean meat, they only offered lean meat when I got there. The meat was sweet, and juicy. Perhaps one of the best components in the ramen.
Fried enoki mushroom: The fried enoki mushroom was much thinner as compared to the usual enoki mushrooms you eat outside. However, the combination of both broth and enoki is fantastic:)

Price: $11.50 ( with an additional egg)
Personal grade: B

Xin Hao Ramen serves value for money ramen ranging from Shoyu, Shio to Miso ramen. Each order comes with a choice of pork belly or grilled meat, fried enoki mushrooms and hanjuku egg. I feel the broth is not quite as good as what the Japanese joints offer, but the generous portions of juicy meat well makes up for it. Pro-tip: if you can't decide between pork belly or the grilled meat, you ask for a mix of both ;)


Located on the third floor of Bugis Cube, this tiny ramen-ya dishes out affordable, hearty bowls of noodles and rice. Seating is limited, so come with a small party. Instead of having a waiter attend to you, the store employs a self-service approach, where you can customise your ramen from its flavour to the add-ons using tabs. To complete the ordering process, bring your desired tabs to the cashier and make payment. They have an extensive menu with six options including spicy miso, tom yum and even a cheese truffle ramen. The choice pick, however, is the Shoyu Ramen ($11) that Burpple Tastemaker Vanessa Kou enjoys. The soy-based ramen has just the right amount of salt and oil, and comes topped with grilled meat, hanjuku egg, seaweed and a side of crispy deep-fried enoki mushrooms. For Vanessa, the highlight of the bowl was the "sliced grilled meat as the nicely charred exterior complemented the tender bits of fats, and was melt-in-your-mouth good".
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Vanessa Kou

Shoyu Ramen ($11)

This bowl of shoyu ramen @xinhaoramen comes with 4 slices of grilled pork belly, a hanjuku egg 🥚 and deepfried enoki mushrooms! Loved the springy texture of the noodles and the deepfried enoki mushrooms though frankly, I'd prefer the usual thinly sliced char siew over this slightly thicker and fattier pork belly. Couldn't resist slurping up all the soup together with the ramen. After all, slurping noises are considered polite in the Japanese context😂. Also tried their don which contain essentially very similar ingredients but I still prefer ramen for the soup options which also include shio, miso and spicy!

Localized ramen at its best.

The Shoyu-based ramen came with grilled meat, hanjuku egg, seaweed and a side of crispy deep-fried enoki mushrooms. A comforting bowl to enjoy on a rainy day, the broth was surprising flavourful yet not too salty or oily. Though there were mixed reviews, I thought it was pretty good and delivered with its decent price point of $11 nett. The highlight for me, of course, was the sliced grilled meat as the nicely charred exterior complemented with bits of fats was tender and melt-in-your-mouth good.


I will try the Grilled Pork Don the best time round. #burpple #BurppleSG #ramen #supportlocalsg #porkbelly #nomnomsg #whati8today #sgmakandiary #sgfood #sglocalfood #sgfoodies #foodsg #foodieSG