Roti Babi

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I will always love you, roti babi. Ok, that's all.


Weekends at KL city's foremost Hainanese kopitiam come with a clause: a 30-minute wait, minimum. But what fuels the unceasing crowds is the promise of Yut Kee's weekends-only Roast Pork (RM19.90). The elusive dish yields a yummy, crackling roast pork with apple sauce, alongside potatoes and vegetables. Since you've already made the trawl, make the most out of your experience. Order also the Roti Babi (RM9), a wonderfully greasy deep-fried bread with pork and onion filling. For a lighter breakfast, the Kaya Butter Toast (RM3) stars a fantastic homemade kaya that is, to our delight, also available in a take-home jar at RM4.80. End your meal with a classic local cake — either the soft, fluffy Kaya Roll (RM1) or the buttery Marble Cake (RM1).
Avg price per person: RM15

Ever since Yut Kee moved from its old location to the more spacious and comfortable Jalan Kamunting lot, the kopitiam has gained an even stronger cult following. The heritage decor makes an Instagrammable feature, paying homage to its near-90 years in business. Do like regulars and come for the greasy Roti Babi (RM10), minced pork and onions stuffed in deep-fried bread. A friendly uncle will be on the lookout to make sure you eat it right — with drizzles of Lea & Perrins' Worcestershire sauce. Also not to be missed are their fresh bakes. The Kaya Roll (RM1.10 per piece) is deliciously dense while a buttery Marble Cake (RM1.30) sends our tastebuds straight to cake heaven.
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Muriel A.

Dry Beef Noodle. Starchy sauce to toss with, good amount of beef belly. 👏🏻 Roti Babi (Pork Bun), good fresh chunk of pork. 👍🏻 Cham O. A bit sour to my liking. 😝

Pork Chop. This is one juicy well done pork chop, not too thick nor thin. The outer fried layer has the taste just nice to every bite and chew on it. Satisfied 😊👍🏻 #shircvenus

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A must-try classic at this institution! Find out more about their roast pork and order in advance if you can too. And it’s closed on Mondays, as I found out the hard way.

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