Special La La Soup

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Come for a scrumptious seafood feast that's guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. The Crabs (from RM88 per kg) are a must-try, with the Kam Heong and Butter being the crowd-favourite styles. Don't forget an order of Fried Mantao (RM4) with this to mop up all the sauce! Other yummy plates to share are the Steamed Talapia (from RM40) and the Clams In Superior Soup (from RM20). Pro tip: Order some Satay (from RM1.50) from the stall at the entrance to snack on before the main event.
Photo by Burppler Thokoh Makan

Clams though small, were succulent and fresh - which is key for a good lala soup. We loved the ginger and peppery highlights of the soup.

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This restaurant is tucked away in Kayu Ara and it's famous for serving up delectable pork-free seafood dishes in a communal Chinese dining style. Crowds can be common here during dinner hours, so come a little earlier at 6pm if you want to avoid congestion. The most famous dish here is inarguably the Clams in Superior Soup which are fresh lala clams steamed in a deliciously seasoned soup with a touch of rice wine(can be omitted for Muslims). Their tai chow dishes such as their fried rice and fried lala meehoon are also worth a try as they are also super tasty ๐Ÿ˜‹ The service is reasonably fast and there is an air conditioned section of the restaurant if you prefer a cooler environment.
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Tuck into fresh seafood flavoured with precision at this restaurant deep within the older parts of Kayu Ara. The outdoor space is sprawling with red-clothed round tables, all the better to fit you and a group of friends on a busy weekend. Come for the Special La La Soup (clams in superior soup, RM18), the shellfish is often cited for juicy flesh while the soup is redolent of spicy ginger. Try also the Stir-Fried Green Dragon With Cuttlefish (RM15). The seasonally available vegetable resembles leek, and its sweet aftertaste pairs well with the savoury dried rolls of cuttlefish. When you're done with those, get your hands dirty with the Chilli Crabs (from RM40), doused in a finger-licking sauce that's best mopped up with some Deep-Fried Mantou (RM10 for six). We can't think of anything better to go with the messy seafood feast than cold beer, so order a round (from RM8 a bottle)!
Avg price per person: RM25
Recommended for: 8-12 pax
Photo by Burppler Nicholas Wong


Burrowed in the villages of Kayu Ara, Lala Chong needs no introduction. This rustic outdoor restaurant has long made its name for dishing out delicious, pork-free seafood, so make your way here when in need for a good for groups destination. Ordering lala is a no-brainer, and a prime pick is the Xiong Tong Lala (Clams in Superior Soup, from RM18). While traditionally cooked in Chinese rice wine, chefs here are happy to change that for their Muslim regulars. The clams are fresh, fleshy and doused in a flavourful, gingery broth, which is great with rice. Couple the clams with Crabs (from RM40) โ€” both the salted egg yolk and chili are terrific, but we'll take the chili crabs anyday for its sweet-spicy sauce streaked with eggy bits. Top that order off with the Deep-Fried Mantou (RM10 for 6) that are soft inside and crisp golden outside โ€” perfect for dunking into the sauce! The place gets packed with a '1Malaysia' crowd every evening so it's wiser to either do lunch or have an early evening feast.
*Serves alcohol.
Avg price per person: RM50