Chicken Waffles

RM18.00 · 9 Reviews

Lazy weekends are made for desserts, and you can find delicate tiramisu cakes and silky soft serve at this cosy spot. While they have a selection of hot food — the Chicken Waffle (RM22) is made for cheat days — we’re big fans of their sweet offerings. Matcha lovers will fall for the Matcha Tiramisu (RM17), which Burppler Joey Tee has dubbed as "the best matcha dessert she’s ever had in the country". The Softserve Waffle (RM19) featuring the chrysanthemum soft serve and osmanthus jelly is also worth an order. For something super unique, they also make Coriander Softserve (from RM7). Leave a review in the app to let us know what you think!
Photo by Burppler Joey Tee

Many cafes failed to make a savoury waffle crisps but this is one of the few which have made it happen! .
Love the combination, however the fried chicken is slightly dry (probably using air fryer? Not sure...) .
Would love to try durian waffle next time.. :)
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Waffle top wit crispy fried chicken tender & fluffy scramble egg, Yum! (RM22)


I don't think life can get better than chicken and waffles. One of the newer names in Sri Petaling, Soft Launch has them Chicken Waffles (RM18) — waffles with fried chicken tenders and scrambled eggs. Sadly, the waffles and scrambled eggs didn't have what it takes to match its co-star, the juicy chicken tenders. The poor waiter dropped one (of the four pieces) on his way to my table and I'm glad he took the liberty to get me a fresh replacement because those tenders were good. 🐔 So maybe get them on their own for RM18 instead. While I indulged in my carnivorous cravings, every other table was racing their forks to the waiter-recommended Strawberry Waffle (RM19).