Nut Butter, Honey and Sea Salt

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Reached the bakery around 10.30am and wanted to try the Hummus + Za’atar toast but unfortunately it was sold out already. This one was not too bad. Fragrant nut butter on crispy and warm sourdough toast. Reasonable price as compared to the other bakeries around the area.

Would prefer more honey on this since the nut butter isn't sweet but it was super thick and aromatic. Sourdough was good, crusty and sticky and really very different from the usual offerings outside.

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Sunday’s breakfast after a half marathon. All that sourdough goodness.

Nut Butter (Almond) + Honey Toast ($4)
Butter + Jam Toast ($3)
The best sourdough in Singapore. It was so good that I almost didn’t want to swallow it and decided it deserve a Burpple post. It was true love the moment I sink my teeth into this delightfully crumbly Toast.

If only we had more stomach


[Two rights sometimes make a wrong]
Fragrant nut butter
Just honey
Right amount of sea salt
Well-made sourdough

Should work right? It doesn’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, the ingredients by themselves are fantastic. But just somehow when they are played atop the sourdough, it just doesn’t seem to click into place. Would have been so much better that the toast be of a different texture and flavour, the nature of the taste of sourdough just competes too much with the fantastic nut butter. The sourness of the sourdough against the sweetness of honey and nut butter making it feel like you’re having a civil war in your mouth. Both are not wrong, but they just don’t click.

From the spreads to the sourdough, everything was freshly made and tasted great, especially eating by the breezy corridor of the bakery.
Their bagels were also worth the mention, particularly loved the bagel with sesame and tasty scallions cream cheese spread. A nice place for a relaxing weekend brunch.

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Had the nut butter, honey and sea salt toast ($4) and flat white with soy milk ($6). Interestingly they used glass for hot coffee but it doesnt affect its flavour. Quite smooth and a bit bitter for me. The toast is nice which the sourdough is not too chewy and adding honey on nut butter gives the toast a bit of sweetness which is great.


The nut butter was really fragrant and one of the best I’ve ever tasted. The sourdough bread was also not too hard and was easy to eat too.