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Our favourite among the four of us, this fish had a moist and tender flesh enveloped by that nutty lemon crumbed exterior, such a lovely complement in both taste and texture.
As you finish half the fish and flip it to the other side, you'll realise that there was no almond crumbs, so there you'll only focus on the taste of the fish and realise the very delicate sweetness with no signs of fishiness.

Lunar New Year may be a few weeks away but we decided to get an early serving of auspicious 年年有余/鱼 with this gigantic flounder.
It was a big hit with the four of us due to its very moist and flavourful flesh, and blanket of crust that's lightly crunchy. We also relished every bit of the wilted spinach and grilled vegetables that came with it.
This is large enough to be shared between two or even four persons, depending on how many other dishes are ordered.