Mushroom Macchiato

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When I first saw this, I thought it was a mushroom-flavoured macchiato which made me went eww silently in my head. Never did I expect it was one of the most impressive dish served on the tasting menu and surely it got me all mind blown!

Looking like a macchiato without anything to do with caffeine, it’s brewed using portobello, shiitake and button mushrooms for that intense earthy umami-ness that hits right at the first sip! Topping up a layer of cold truffle foam on top completes the soup so delicately. Drink it as you would for a macchiato, I was craving for more at the end.

Have been wanting to try this place since they open and finally got to try it today. Went for the dinner tasting menu ($46++) which comes with 11 different items. Woah talk about value for money. Everything was amazing especially love the Mushroom Macchiato, Hokkaido Scallop Chwee kueh, Pork Jowl.... Hard to find such a lovely place w excellent service

Choosing anything else is a no brainer for me! Served with a giant king oyster mushroom with cheese sprinkled on it, just wished the mushroom was slightly more charred

The beef was heaven - cooked medium along and probably lightly marinated with salt along with what I found extremely pleasant was the hint of butter lingering at the end of every mouthful. The folks in marble bistro also told me that some chinese herbs were added in. This is definitely a superb steal for just $16

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The truffle foam floating on the top is what made all the difference..the aroma of the truffle is harmoniously infused with the mushroom

Could not get enough of this and finished every single drop of it. The best "macchiato" I've ever had

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Front of house Yu Zao. All whom are graduates from CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and good friends.
One look at this, you will think it is a long black. Actual fact, this is the appetizer to the start of my set lunch.
A Mushroom Macchiato presented to look like the actual macchiato. A hot and piping soup brewed from portobello, button and shitake mushrooms which took 6 hours to prepare. A very delicate but yet rich soup. If that is not good enough, it is topped off with truffle foam. Slightly creamy but definitely with a hint of truffles. Sip slowly like how you would with coffee.
Really pretty and tasty. I like the way it was presented. Something out of the norm.

This will be 4 out 5 "msginginly" 's drooling slurps.

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