Hand Brew

$5.00 · 2 Reviews

This tiny bakery is completely focused on heir sourdoughs, a mission that makes bread lovers like me very happy. It's hard to find young people this passionate about making good loaves, and I'm glad to have found them in Serene Centre. Here's a hot pressed sandwich which was filled with what is best described as stuffing (like Christmas stuffing), with the main flavours being sage and black pepper. While I enjoyed this savoury sandwich, I did wish there were some pops of sweetness in there for balance, kinda like how you'll take a spoonful of roasted pumpkin here n there on your holiday plate, instead of finishing all the stuffing at one go. The breads are lovely, a touch heavy, and with a tang that good sourdough should have. The coffee is excellent. I had the hand brew with Ethiopian beans, really nice with this easy breakfast.

Apart from it's focus on breads, The Bakery by Sourdough also boasts an extensive selection of hand brewed coffee such as the Nel's Drip — single origin beans from Ethiopia that is brewed with a sock. The result is this filtered coffee that comes with a rather full body that is rather strong which carries a fruity flavour profile — the ending notes do leave an aftertaste but it definitely works if you are looking for something to deliver the punch.

(PS: There is a choice between beans that carry a fruity flavour profile or a chocolatey one. Opt for the chocolatey one if you are having the coffee alongside with bread; the flavours of the chocolatey beans would work better with the sourdough given the fruity flavours would run into and clash with the breads.