Otoro Meshi

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Throwback to few weeks back. Seasonal fresh fish from that day’s special menu.

This is a huge ass bowl. It was so heavy, I had trouble shifting it, much less lifting it. Some of the sashimi included in this platter are: otoro, chutoro, akami, salmon, tako, ika, scallop & ikura.

Freshly sliced Otoro (Tuna Belly) and Ikura (Salmon Roe) topped on a bed warm Japanese short grain rice. This fatty cut of fish literally melts in your mouth the moment it touches your tongue.

Such good value! Promotion is only valid for dinner. Even the akami is good, and the slices of sashimi are very satisfying 🤤
- Maguro yukke with ikura
- Toro sashimi
- Toro steak
- Maguro hoho niku Karaage
- Maguro sushi 4 pieces (Akami, Chutoro, Otoro, Toro-aburi)
- Negitoro handroll
- Miso soup

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The otoro for lunch since it was on a promotion. The best part? I asked if they could torch it a little and they did and it was so melt in your mouth good.


Anago is a saltwater eel hence it’s flesh is softer, fattier and boasts of a pleasing, gentle sweetness. You get a slice of otoro for free if you sign up for free membership, and claim your e-coupon on the spot. A delightful end to the week I must say. #burpple #kuromaguro


This Ootoro Meshi bowl with five slices of Ootoro sashimi on a bed of pickled ginger and vinegared rice with a dollop of wasabi was such a delight. I love salmon sashimi but ootoro is on a different level. If the timbre of salmon was an alto note resonating in bubbly river water, ootoro is a delightful mezzo-soprano that rings like clear spring water. One bite and the tone of the tuna taste distinctly resonates in my mouth. The beauty of the ootoro is in the fat of course, it adds a roundness to the flavour of ootoro, and beautiful melt-in-your mouth texture. Instead of it echoing in your mouth like maguro, it rings once and disappears into the air, and you're left longing for it, chasing for that last taste it left in your mouth. Due to the freshness of the fish, there's no fishiness at all, and you can deeply appreciate the ootoro in all its beauty. 


Missing this glorious mix of otoro, uni and ikura all in a single bowl.. I enjoyed the creamy uni and fatty otoro, interspersed with ikura juices. But I no longer see this on their menu the last time I was there, though they now serve a Hokkai Don Set ($44.90++) that comes with uni, salmon, maguro, squid, hotate and a botan ebi.

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toro aburi + Salmon aburi
Both bowls were awesome. But I preferred the aburi minced tuna give in both bowls best. Still prefer the aburi salmon at Itacho over the one here. But the minced aburi toro was to die for.

Ordered sides of otoro, chotoro and salmon. Will skip these next time, not worth it. Would rather order an additional bowl instead. Or if I do order it, will def request for it to be aburi-ed. Realised I don’t particularly like tuna sashimi.

$32.80) all thanks to Kuro Maguro's 1st anniversary! It is extended for 3 days over the weekend so dont miss it ! Hope to be back in the next 2 days to have 1 more bowl of this, really super fresh and melts in the mouth without flying to Japan 🇯🇵 🐟 -

Kuro Maguro (Tanjong Pagar)
Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street #01-04 Singapore 078884
Operating hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm Daily
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Salmon and toro aburi meshi don $24.80
Toro aburi meshi don $32.80

Added chotoro $9, otoro $18 and salmon $6 toppings

Worked out to be about $40-45/pax

LOVED the aburi minced toro - that was my favourite part of both dishes. It was sooooo creamy and delicious. Even more so than the toro in my dish. Reminded me of the don I had in niseko!

Aburi salmon and toro (non minced) was good too.

Probably wouldn’t pay to top up for the toppings next time and get another bowl instead. Maybe try the Wagyu aburi meshi? Or I would at least rather opt to have the toppings flambed as well. Realised i prefer that to the raw version. Especially for maguro.

Would I return? Yupp!!