Lamb Tartare

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Chopped lamb tenderloin (so fresh there's hardly any gamey taste at all!) with a surprise zing from the mustard ice cream. Deep-fried capers, pickled onions and egg yolk cream further nailed this medley's balance in both texture and flavour.

Do not forget to order this Lamb Tartare with Mustard Ice-cream when you are here! Made of finely chopped lamb and accompanied by yolk cream and smoked olive oil, this dish had a velvet creaminess that was quite memorable ๐Ÿ‘Œ more on

Absolutely enjoyed this. You must order this when you're here. The lamb tartare was well flavored and had a similar texture to tuna tartare. The mustard ice cream brings the flavor to another level.


Uh-MAY-zing Lamb Tartare with egg yolk cream, pickled onions and nestartium served with a dollop of mustard ice cream. #transcendent