Curly Fries with Bacon and Cheese

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Save this quaint restaurant at Esplanade Mall for dinner and conversations with the fam. Start with a plate of Curly Fries with Bacon and Cheese ($12.90) to share then get heated up with their Creamy Smoked Duck Lemak Chili Padi Pasta ($18.90) that packs quite a punch and has a good portion of smoked duck. With their rotating cake specials hopefully you're lucky enough to catch their fluffy Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($10.90). Remember to wash it all down with an icy mug of Butter Beer ($10.90) that hits the spot.
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✨ Butter Beer • $10.90
✨ Mee Ayam Jakarta • $12.90
✨ Spicy Beef Ramyeon • $16.90
✨ Curly Fries with Bacon and Cheese • $12.90

The portion of this starter is alot! Worth it! 😉

Well to start off, I am a sucker for good Halal food especially unique creations, but my entire dining experience is usually influenced heavily by service and the ambience of an eatery. We'll see how Noosh scores in my long, honest review :)

So what's on the table: Curly Fries, Duck Lemak Pasta, Kid's Chicks & Chips, Butterbeer and Bulgogi Beef Rice.

Curly Fries ($12.90) and Chicks & Chips ($12.90) are almost as basic as they can be, nothing extraordinary or homemade to be tasted.

Don't even wanna start on the Bulgogi Beef Rice ($14.90) because really not what I wanted in the first place :( but we weren't informed when we were seated down that my initial choice Spicy Beef Ramyeon was not available so I succumbed to picking the beef rice so I don't keep my loved ones waiting and the waiter staring.

Served in a big bowl where two-thirds filled with rice, this is considered a huge portion for one. Beef and soy sauce was seasoned fine, but I remember the gravy was a little too cornstarchy. Also reeked a prominent beef(?) smell after a few mouths.

Here comes the famous Duck Lemak Pasta ($18.90). I have always loved a good Lemak Cili Api dish at any time of the day and so I was influenced by a colleague's review to try Noosh's take on this. Their gravy is not too heavy and spicier than the usual, but to the level which I kind of love, and surprisingly goes very well with the pasta. Just the traditional-meets-modern kinda fusion done right! Just a tip: eat it while it's hot/warm. Mmm-dap sis!

Noosh's Butterbeer ($10.90) was made with rootbeer, cream and butterscotch all mixed somewhere (I can't remember the details the waiter gave). This drink spells out "d-i-a-b-e-t-i-c" though I enjoyed my first few sips because who wouldn't like a sugar rush after a long day at work right? Better to drink on it's own so you might wanna ask this in a takeaway cup after your dinner at Noosh. I still prefer BOO:EH hehe!

Food aside, now the ambience and service. I would score them 2 out of 5 stars for these. Not too sure if we were to be blamed for coming in dinner time and to be seated at the back and corner where the speakers are because really, we don't quite enjoy our time here. Music was already really loud, upbeat and Latino all, and what's this "sex sex sex" and haram lyrics playing in your eatery? I totally understand businesses who are up for high turnover rate especially at dinner time but I'm sorry it's too loud for my own comfort. Food came in less than 15 minutes so I'm cool with that and service is not too bad.

Would I return for a dine-in in the evening? Definitely no. Would I return to tapau? Yes, and most likely only for the Duck Lemak Pasta. Also mind you, service charge and takeaway box are also applicable.

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The lemak cili padi pasta with duck was good although it was very spicy for me! I would say, it would be more suitable for people who love spicy food. The lemak cili pasi flavour was very strong, and the gravy was just right, not too thick. The amount of duck given was more than expected as well. The arugula salad above the pasta as a finishing touch didn't work for me because I personally didn't like it. Presentation wise was not bad either.

My buddy had some chicken cutlet meal, forgotten what it was called. Nothing much, just like any ordinary chicken cutlet. Maybe the sauce makes it special. Served with salad and curly fries - something different?

The Bacon curly fries was dope!! As all our portion was quite huge, we ended up not being able to finish up the Bacon curly fries but we packed it back home. Great combination I must say!

Overall, it was a wonderful meal. Price wise was still acceptable and value for money to what was served 👍👍👍

I liked the oomph of the rich, flavour-packed peanut sauce, though it can get pretty jelat halfway through so it's probably best to share this (so you can get the Curly Fries with Bacon and Cheese too). The chicken breast was seasoned just right though was a tad overcooked near the edges.

I personally prefer my pasta with a bit of a bite, so if you do too, it's best to inform the waitstaff when you place your order.

[Halal] The whole time I was having this sinful grub at Noosh, I actually kept asking myself if I should pinch myself - not only because it was hypnotically good, but also because I actually met a couple of fellow foodies from Burpple (who for the record were so warm, friendly and welcoming) to have dinner here. Felt like the luckiest guy for a moment, gosh! 😭

This decadence of curly fries, nacho cheese sauce, mayonnaise and strips of pink, chewy beef bacon was without a doubt, addictive. It was unabashedly comfort food, which is hard not to love…well, personally at least haha. The bacon could have used a slight char or crisp though, but that's not to say its current form was bad at all.

I'll post up the other stuff I had from Noosh in the coming days, but just wanna give a thank you / shout out to Dex and Muriel for inviting me to check out this place! 🙂 (7.5/10)