East Meet West

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The 4 whisky we tried are Auchentoshan Three Wood (Scotland), Les Moissons (France), Yamazaki Distiller Reserve (Japan) and Kavalan Single Malt (Taiwan). With an addition $12, you get 4 skewers (Chicken Wing, Chicken Thigh, Homemade Chicken Ball, Chicken Thigh & Leeks) to go with the whisky.
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With every flight (four whisky tasters), you get a set of four skewers at just $12 (instead of $24!) that pair wonderfully with the flight. This is a great intro for those who are new to whisky, while those who already know what you like should simply order your drink of choice. If you'd like a classic whisky cocktail or perhaps a flavour profile you prefer, simply tell the friendly bartender. Can't wait to bring my whisky loving friends here!


A minimum spend entitles you to grown-up sexy or princess-esque privacy in the respective private spaces on the second floor, but the average homo sapien can comfortably enjoy himself in the relaxed bar space on the ground floor. Alcohol connoisseurs can sometimes be snobs - heaven knows how many invisible sour plums a prissy whisky rhymes-with-witch might suck on figuratively if I had asked in my whisky ignorance what the "pipette" next to the whisky glasses was for - but the vibes from The Wall are more invitational than high-nosed, and for that I'm grateful.

The Scottish Auchentoshan Three Wood, Swedish Mackmyra, Japanese Yamasaki Distiller's Reserve and Taiwanese Kavalan are paired with chicken wing (tebasaki), chicken thigh (kashiwa), chicken meat ball (tsukune) and chicken thigh & leek (negima) respectively, and amongst the various bird sticks, the one that strikes a delectable chord is the tsukune, which has an unusual cartilagey crunch whilst simultaneously being meatly juicier than the latest tabloid gossip.