Piman Niku

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The flavoursome stuffed minced chicken with cartilage gives it a nice crunchy texture while the yuzu peel refreshes the palate. Simple but yet a lovely combination of flavours and texture. You don't even know that you are having capsicum.
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Japanese capsicum stuffed w minced chicken w cartilage & yuzu peel. Perfectly charred, capsicum is not overly soft & the juices of the chicken just wraps your entire mouth as you take a bite! This definitely puts a smile on my face ๐Ÿ˜Œ plus it smellssss amazingggg โค๏ธ


The skewer that struck a delectable chord was the tsukune, which had an unusual cartilagey crunch whilst simultaneously being meatly juicier than the latest tabloid gossip. Elsewhere, the wasabi dabs on the chicken thigh had as wickedly perverted a sense of humour as Jigsaw from the Saw films. 4/5
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This was a hosted meal, courtesy of The Wall. The platter is available for $12 with any order of the various Whisky Flight selections.
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P.S. Word is getting out fast about The Wall, and the place is already red-hot on weekends. I was there last Friday night and it was a full-house situation, and after we waited for ten minutes for seats to free up and some eventually did, a group of "throw them back til I lose count" party girls with tatts ahoy and bareback tops swooped right in and usurped the seats with giggles aplenty and graceful tosses of their coloured tresses, and we had to forgo the magnificent drinks here and retreat to Club Street in frustration and disappointment.