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Curry Chicken

$5.00 ยท 5 Reviews

This unassuming ground level joint opposite Bugis Junction is designed for quick meals. At lunch hour, be sure to swing by early to snag a seat, or be prepared to wait. Surprisingly, its name has nothing to do with the famous Blanco Court Food Centre. Instead, the owner explains having "Blanco" in the shopname is meant to capture what North Bridge Road used to be โ€” a place with excellent local dishes. Have the Beef Noodles (from $5) either in soup or dry, of which we're partial towards the aromatic gravy in the dry version that coats every strand of noodle. This also goes very well with a side of Fried Enokitake Mushroom ($5.50) that you must dunk into the gravy. Aside from the beef noodles, try the Mixed Beef Porridge ($5) that is cooked with strips of beancurd skin, or the comforting Curry Chicken ($5) that boasts a massive chicken leg. Get a side of French loaf ($1.50) to mop up the curry! Burppler Amelia PW says the chicken was "so tender that it was practically falling off the bones as I picked at it gently with my chopsticks". Pro tip: There's no MSG, pork or lard used. Also, don't neglect their homemade chili sauce that provides a solid spicy kick!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Today, it was the noodle soup with sliced beef. The soupy version was much healthier and lighter in taste. I definitely preferred the dry as it was more robust, flavors are more pronounced, a denser and exhilarating finish on the palate.
The curry chicken gravy thick and creamy with little taste of curry powder but lacks fiery heat. Chicken was tender and moist. Goes in harmony with crispy baguette or hot steaming rice. If it was slightly spicier, I think I can have this every other week. But overall, an enjoyable fuss free meal.

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Ahhh, the comforts of a simple bowl of curry and bread to mop it all up. A whole chicken thigh and drum with a toasty baguette made this super worthwhile. ๐Ÿฅ–

Blanco Beef Noodles right opposite Bugis Junction seems to have a very varied menu but most of it really impressed! Will definitely be back. ๐Ÿ˜‹


While this place might have been named after their beef noodles, what really blew me away was this dish. Neither the gravy nor the bread was outstanding on its own, but together, this made for a really good & simple meal. The bread was crusty and mopped up the gravy so well, unlike at most other places where bread seems to be just a mandatory side for the curry. What came with the dish was a generous portion of chicken (a whole leg!) and so tender that it was practically falling off the bones as I picked at it gently with my chopsticks.

Also not to be missed is their porridge. I'm not usually a fan of thick congees, but theirs is an exception. So smooth and savoury, it is a great dish to have when you need something comforting for the tummy.

P.S. their chilli delivers a real kick! No mercy was given in terms of the heat level and I am pleased as a punch because I love my chilli.


Blanco Beef Noodle opened in November without much fanfare, but the office crowd around Bugis seems to have taken to it quite well!

The aromatic sauce clung to each strand eagerly and the beef parts were all fresh and tender. Dip it in their amazing homemade chilli sauce that made me go WOO when I first tried it! ๐ŸŒถBesides just the typical beef noodles, they have other items like enoki tempura, curry chicken and chicken wings that all really satisfied with their simple, homely charm. ๐Ÿ˜‹