Spicy Brussels Sprouts (Dinner)

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We had the truffle roasted duck, mala fish, brussel sprouts and lobster pai tee. All of them were not bad but quite overpriced IMO. The lobster pai tee was the best dish out of the 4 with a generous amount of lobster, slathered in rich mayo and topped with ikura. Truffle roasted duck was not subtle with the truffle which I appreciated. The mala fish was average, while the brussel sprouts was a bit too sweet with Thai chili sauce-like taste.

Had to come back to try more dishes.

Loved the Japanese influenced kueh pie tee, with lobster salad and ikura. It’s quite substantial, super shiok!

Brussels sprouts was amazing. Excellent Asian interpretation, you have to try it yourself.

Ngoh Hiang wasn’t my favourite though, the other dishes were superior. Also, I don’t know what they did with their ice lemon tea but it’s fab 🤩

1) Hokkien Mee
2) Roasted Duck
3) Spicy Brussels Sprouts and
4) Crispy Chicken Mid-Wings
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Spicy brusselsprouts ($14++) was garlicky heaven. Lu rou fan ($13++) was alright, can't help but think the wagyu might be a bit wasted used like that. As the duck was sold out, had the twice cooked Angus short ribs ($36++) which tasted like char siew. And topped off with hokkien mee ($16++) which was good but indistinguishable from its hawker counterparts save for the more premium ingredients (can't blame them as you can't really improve on perfection). Inspirational tableware though.

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This time more kinda home cooked dishes and I love their platings!!
XYT Hokkien Mee $16.00
Drunken Flower Clams $23.00
Lu Rou Fan $13.00
Local Market Fish $19.00
Spicy Brussels Sprouts $14.00
Gu Gu Ngoh Hiang $14.00
Coconut Tau Huay $6.00
Pineapple Shortcake $7.00
Not forgetting to highlight that Xiao Ya Tou serve Symmetry Coffees too! I love their coffee!
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Location: @xiaoyatou.sg 6 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089592
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The must-order for me if you’re here for their dinner menu! Aligning with its modern Asian themed cuisine, the brussels sprouts are served with minced chicken, chye po and chilli jam. It was probably the most humble looking dish but packed with flavour - a playful tangy mix of sweetness, earthiness and slight spiciness, all with the crunch from the sprouts.


Some hits and misses here but this seemingly unassuming dish of Spicy Brussel Sprouts ($14) was one of my favorites of the night. Hardly ever eat these greens but thought it was cooked just right. Lightly caramelised, bringing out the natural sweetness of brussel sprouts in addition to the flavorful combination of minced chicken and chye poh, and chili jam for that mild spicy kick with a light crisp texture without any signs of mushiness.


Might not look like much but it's definitely the star of the meal.

The humble spicy Brussels sprouts was a surprising dish at the first bite. It had a very robust flavour of sweet yet tangy. The chilli jam added a bit of oomph while the minced chicken and chye poh (Chinese dried radish) provided an earthy dimension to this contemporary version of the dish.

It's a perfect bar snack to go along with the many cocktails available at Xiao Ya Tou! #burpproved


Xiao ya tou at duxton hill has amazing sharing plates and bar bites together with their extensive alcohol menu that ranges from hibiki to quirky cocktails!
The amazing spread of modern fusion cuisine we had last night! And yes that is hokkien mee you see in the centre fried with smoked porcetta 😋. The angus beef shortribs with smashed cucumbers and sesame sauce(bottom left) was amazingly tender and flavorful. Another must order is the spicy Brussels sprouts! With minced chicken, Chye pop and chilli jam! It's what you would order when you are cheating yourself to eat clean. 😜🤤🤤 🍴
Thanks @burpple for the invite and @xiaoyatou.sg for hosting! 🍴
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Pancetta, Chai Po, Chilli Jam & Fresh Basil - interesting combination that worked surprisingly well together!