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Express Prix Fixe Menu

$45.00 · 33 Reviews

1 of 7 choices of mains on Spago’s Express Prix Fixe lunch menu, the quail was cooked spot on and served with a sweet and savoury medley of Swiss chard, pistachio gremolata, caramelized Comice pears and a meaty quail jus.

Taste: 3.5/5

Part of the 3 Course Express Prix Fixe Menu - $48 with a top up of $10. Available on the ala carte lunch menu for $29.

Quite underwhelmed by the burrata which did not have the creamy stracciatella when broken into. It resembled a lot more like mozzarella in fact.

What’s interesting though, is the grain mustard herb vinaigrette it was served with, which goes really well with the accompaniments of the dish which includes the San Daniele prosciutto, wild rocket and crunchy roasted almonds.


One of those dishes where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Such a pleasant combination!

Pan roasted quail stuffed with flavorful brioche. And the quail meat is tender and soft, with no hint of gaminess beneath the perfectly crisp skin. Served with pistachio gremolata (zesty Italian herb sauce), Swiss chard and caraméliséd comice pears along with aromatic quail jus.

Not available on the lunch/dinner ala carte menu. Part of the super value for money 3 course lunch menu! Highly recommend this choice of main.


Had this as part of the express lunch prix fixe menu (3 course, $48), and it was really good. I love tuna tartare, and this one was in a really unique form - with chilli aioli, soy, shaved bonito, scallions & wasabi. The cone was crispy and paired perfectly with the tuna, and this starter left us wanting more. Would definitely recommend! Wonderful ambience at the same level as the Sands infinity pool, and impeccable service.


Stellar rooftop views and incredulously value-for-money menus are the reasons diners flock to this MBS spot. Pop by at lunch for the affordably priced 3-Course Express Prix Fixe Menu ($45), which sees a mean line-up — from the impeccable Big Eye Tuna Tartare Cone to the super fresh Steamed Japanese Sea Bream.
Photo by Burppler Jing Low

This is my favorite dish out of the 3-course menu. So so good. The Japanese sea bream is fresh, and they steamed it HK style here (just like what you would get at a Chinese restaurant, equally good, if not better). Beneath the fish is generous servings of bok choy, lotus root and water chestnut (I am happy when I get my greens). They also serve a separate bowl of lemongrass scented jasmin rice. Impressed with how well an Asian dish like this is executed at Spago.

Taste: 5/5

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Pasta here is cooked al-dente. Tomato base is hearty, and coupled with pecorino sardo, parsley, garlic, thyme. Portion is generous for a main in a lunch course setting.

Taste: 4/5

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orange gelée, pistachio brittle, orange gelato

(Part of the Express Prix Fixe Menu 3 courses $45)

swiss chard, pistachio gremolata, caramelized comice pears, natural quail jus

The food is absolutely delicious and well worth the money spent.

(Part of the Express Prix Fixe Menu 3 courses $45)

saikyo miso, yuzu kosho, salmon pearls, avocado

(Part of the Express Prix Fixe Menu 3 courses $45)