Meta Executive Lunch Set

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Lunch set: mains

๐‘๐ž๐ ๐ฆ๐ฎ๐ฅ๐ฅ๐ž๐ญ - Air-flown from France, this was well-executed fish with its crisp skin from the searing on high heat and tender soft meat from the oven baking. While seemingly blasphemous to stuff a crustacean into a molluscs, their unique take on a prawn dumpling with the mussel being replaced as the โ€˜dumplingโ€™ skin truly impressed us in its powerful seafood flavour. The accompanying purรฉe and sweet daikon braised in seafood broth also played up the natural mullet flavours.

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๐๐›๐ช ๐ ๐š๐ฅ๐›๐ข - Modern rendition of korean bbq with the beef first slow-roasted for 48 hours and finished on the grill. This resulted in tender beef retaining its fragrant juices with a good but uneven sear. While it lacked in char, this was made up for in the smokiness of the Fiddleheads Fern. We fell in love with the spring seasonal Morel Mushroom that was robust in earthiness and stuffed with sweet-savory gang-doenjang (soybean sweet potato stew). This was served with gobo rice and a side of refreshing greens. The burdock root claypot rice made for a tasty yet light accompaniment with its naturally sweet and earthy flavours.

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Snacks: prawn
Fresh prawn seasoned with wasabi mayo atop buttery kombu brioche, topped with chives and tarragon. Texture-wise, this was a perfect medley of soft prawn, juicy popping bites from the ebiko, and fluffy yet crisply toasted brioche. This was my personal favourite after the chawanmushi but if nitpicking, did find that the wasabi element could have been a tad stronger.

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Desserts were the highlight of my 3 course lunch here. That play of textures with wild rice and crispy chocolate, and the unusual pairing of Gochujang with black sesame and green tea was just genius. So good, that it almost made me forget about the disappointing main courses.
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Gnoc Gnoc.

Whoโ€™s there?


Gnocchi who?

Gnocchi I stole a bite from my friendโ€™s plate. Otherwise how would I know this would be the first gnocchi Iโ€™d actually fall for.


Wondrously soft, almost marshmallow-like, these smaller-than-usual pillows were so good I was seriously shook.
The sauce deserves equal credit for the divineness of this dish. I do not have details of the preparation method but I am pretty sure Parmesan and leeks went into it. And those little pearly onions - such a clever touch.


Opened by South Korean chef-owner Sun Kim, who honed his chops in Waku Ghin and Tetsuya's in Sydney, Meta marries French cuisine with Asian flavours. Come for their Meta Executive Lunch Set ($48) โ€” a three-course meal that is "an experience for the palate", according to Burppler Dex Neo. Don't be surprised to see interesting pairings on the menu like Hokkaido scallop served with pickled apple, baked raisins and yuzu basil oil, as well as slow-cooked beef cheek with a savoury parsnip miso paste on the side. The latter has been cooked for 40 hours โ€” resulting in unbelievably tender beef that doesn't require any knife action. End your meal on a sweet note with the poached pear with ginger sorbet โ€” it comes with the yummiest honey jelly and cookie crumble base.
Avg Price: $60 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayson Yeo
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Meta Executive Lunch Set ($48)

The Poached pear with ginger sorbet, honey jelly and cookie crumble base came together as a sensory delight when mixed together. Sweetness from the pear, spiciness from the ginger, subtle sweetness from the honey jelly and the crunchy cookie crumble. Enjoyed this dessert quite a bit!

Meta Executive Lunch Set ($48)

The Grouper was served with fennel cream, fennel and parsley while mussels and clams sat underneath. What I enjoyed about the grouper was the ultra crispy skin. The fish meat also tasted very fresh but overall, the experience was not mind-blowing.

Meta Executive Lunch Set ($48)

The Sashimi of Hokkaido Scallop was served with Pickled apple, baked raisins and yuzu basil oil dressing resulting in a tangy and refreshing taste to compliment the sweetness from the scallop sashimi.

This was the highlight for me! Who would have thought that ginger and honey would go so well together? ๐Ÿฏ

Poached pear, ginger sorbet and honey jelly all resting on a bed of crumble. There was even some pickled ginger slices in there. The ginger was slightly sweet and spicy which when combined with the mild honey jelly, just left me smiling at the end of this meal. Good stuff, and really well thought out combination of flavours! ๐Ÿ™Œ Kudos to the Meta Restaurant team!