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Set Lunch

$15.00 · 14 Reviews

Super worth lunch set. Only $18++, it come with one starter, one main and one dessert. Add $5, we enjoyed a 200g steak. As they might had changed their menu, the dishes you see here might not be available. However, for its price, it was worth visiting.

The honeycomb itself was really crunchy and becomes a jaw workout halfway thru the dessert. It's also really sweet and gets saccharine after a while, but they tried to balance it with the lime milk gel and the coffee crumbles. The lime milk gel wasnt impressive on its own with its subtle creamy citrus, but complements the sweet honeycomb sublimely. At first i tot the coffee crumbles were for show only, but turns out they were salty and add a savoury element. Overall a really well thought-out dessert with synergy between it's unassuming elements. Do get to share if possible as it may be difficult to finish.

Pretty sure youre supposed to go caveman on pork ribs so i was not sure why they didnt provide plastic gloves. The toilet didnt have soap either so it's hard to wash up after getting ur hands oily

Either way pork ribs were still ok abit on the lean and dry side but passably tender. They tried masking it with the sauce which really worked as the sauce was delectable and really strong which complemented the lightly flavoured ribs. Esp love the cayenne pepper sprinkled on the ribs which gives it a kick.

While the ribs might be the star of the plate the sweet potato mash was actually really sweet and sublime with the black pepper flakes. Onion was slightly smoky like the ribs and was just the right bite: soft, but not mushy.

Wouldnt walk 20mins under the scorching sun for this but it was satisfactory


Onsen tamago w ikura. Ponzu was definitely too strong to drink but worked well with the ikura and onsen tamago for a popping/oozing mouthful.
Really nice surprise was the daily soup-cauliflower soup. Creamy and the nori flakes definitely added to the complexity of the soup

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Really hard to get to place imo. Rather worth it set lunch esp in orchard. The waitress was super nice but the waiter looked stoic lol.

At just $15 for two courses and $18 for three courses, we love that this competitively priced set lunch in town changes their offerings every two weeks to keep things interesting. The icing on the cake is that this set lunch is available on weekends too! It's great for a casual business meeting in Orchard, as well as for lunch with the girlfriends between hitting the shops. According to Burppler Dex Neo, the food is hearty and satisfying, albeit not mindblowing. For the current menu, he enjoyed the comforting starter of onsen tamago with ponzu and ikura, while the main of miso chicken was both tasty and filling.
Avg price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo
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Here are a couple of the mains from the set lunch menu. The Miso Chicken option fared better than the Sumo Miso Swordfish Steak (+$2). T'was tender, potatoes and carrots were well done and overall a good, filling combi!

The swordfish looked impressive, and for most part it was except for one section that was sliiiiighty overcooked. The sweet ginger slices were a nice touch too! The rice on the side however was dry and hard, so you might want to check if it's possible to change that out.


Their super value-for-money lunch set was actually pretty good! While not mind-blowing, we still left pretty satisfied and full.

The starters were nubbad. Liked my comforting onsen tamago with ikura which was quite refreshing, and no complaints about the fried tempura prawns either. We were surprised by the additional side of pumpkin soup that came along with the appetizers! 😝

Matcha Ice Cream, flavours may change day to day😅


Fresh raspberry marshmallow, unique dessert👍🏼literally a slab of marshmallow💁🏼😂 sugar rush!