Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon

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Definitely slow to the game, but glad I finally got to try Don Meijin’s Chilli Crab Tendon! I must say this was a bit of an oddball for me. Not usually a fan of chilli crab already cause it’s not really spicy and just quite sweet, and Don Meijin’s take was significantly sweeter than some of the other sauces I’ve tried — plus there really isn’t a lot of sauce. Still, as much grub as I have against the variety of tempura in the bowl, it does make a really decent tendon option in town. Annnnnd it took 45min for our 2 bowls of tendon to arrive with only us in the restaurant? 😰


My bro suggested salted egg yolk tendon at Ramen Champion so we went there. He got that and I got the chilli crab version. We also decided to be decadent and got the camembert tempura. Oh my gawd, yessss, who cares about calories when you're eating deep fried cheese? 🧀 The chilli crab sauce was good too and not too sweet (I prefer it to be more savoury). I found myself wiping the bowl clean. The salted egg yolk sauce was flavourful and thick too. And nice of them to provide another small plate of it for dipping your tempura.

We just had tendon from Tendon Kohaku last Sunday but guess you can never have too much deep fried goodness? 😂

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Signature Tendon. Did not order the Spicy Chilli Crab as i am afraid that it would be too spicy. The price of this bowl is affordable and it has many tendon pieces such as tempura prawns, asparagus, pumpkin, seasonal fish fillet, eggplant and kakiage.

😋 Now they serve the chilli crab sauce in a separate bowl, which I prefer so the tempura doesn't get soggy after the two are mixed together at the start. 👍

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🦀) If you wanna try something special & local, then this is for you. If you want to experience it for the tendon, maybe Ginza offers better (in terms of the crispness of the batter) as the sauce would make the batter soggy.

🍽: Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon

Price: $14.80 

🚇: Bugis 
📍:Ramen Champion Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #04-10, Bugis+ 

This is a fusion between a Japanese tendon with a local twist of our favourite chilli crab sauce. Located at Ramen Champion Bugis+, Japanese cuisine fans are able to grab a variety of ramen and don from various shops under one roof. 

The Spicy chilli Crab Tendon was indeed unique. Besides giving you the sweet tempura sauce, your don was covered with Spicy chilli crab, however, I find that the sauce was lacked flavour and it was too little. As for the tempura components, compared to their counterpart. Don Meijin still have much to achieve, it did not have the light battered thus making me feel a bit gerlat after finishing it. 

But still, if you are looking for something unique, do give it a go! At least, here there is no long waiting time. Do remember to request for the separation of sauce, if you want your tempera to remain crispy.