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White Carrot Cake

$2.00 Β· 63 Reviews

Cheap and good.

Egg was crispy, and portion is rather large for $3.

One of the best food here at bukit timah market.

High hopes from the good reviews and long waiting time (~30 min on a weekday afternoon), and thankfully this didn’t disappoint! Loved the huge cubes of radish that was tastefully fried with golden brown egg! And comes in a variety of sizes ($2.50/3/4/5) with new faces of young hawkers manning the stall! Only gripe with this plate of goodness would be the lack of chye poh, but other than that a pretty well fried plate of carrot cake! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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Can’t believe they have 2 stalls side by side. One for dabao and another for dining in. Generous portion of eggs coating the white radish cake but could be better if there was more chye poh.

I like white carrot cake and He Zhong carrot cake is one of my fav.
The thick eggy white carrot cake cooked with a lot of Chye Poh and dipped into chilli sauce.
Outer layer have a thin layer crispy but inside it’s soft and eggy.
πŸ“He Zhong carrot cake.
51 Upper Bukit Timah rd, #02-185.

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Bought $4 worth of carrot cake to share among the family. Thick slices of fried carrot cake that are soft and comes with thick egg batter. Nothing wow and i would say is a plate of average fried carrot cake.


πŸ’Έ $3 each (medium)

Only selling white carrot cake. We only waited less than 5min today, so much faster compared to the past. The pancake-like style carrot cake is crispy on the outside with the soft warm radish kueh is so sedap πŸ˜‹ wish that the sambal chilli is spicier 🌢

I always preferred white carrot cakes over black ones because white ones tend to have more eggs. Unlike the typical flat pancake style, the carrot cake here is thick and chunky. Fried with a generous amount of chai poh and eggs, the sweetness from the chai poh complements the savory taste from the fish sauce. The exterior is also nicely fried to give a well-charred crisp. I also noticed that it was not too oily as there wasn't any significant amount of oil residue remaining on the plate, unlike some other places.
Note that there are two stalls here, one for takeaway, another for eating in.



They only sell one kind of carrot cake so do not expect a black/white version. There are 2 similar stalls with same name but we ordered from the stall all theway inside.

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The chunky white carrot cake had a nice firm but springy interior, and a slight crisp on the exterior. The abundance of chye poh and egg makes for a great umami and sweet base, which is then complemented by a slight spice kick from the fragrant chili smothered onto it.

πŸ“He Zhong Carrot Cake

They only sell white carrot cake. We waited 25-30min for it! πŸ˜… But the pancake-like style is so crispy on the outside with the soft warm radish kueh combo is so sedap πŸ˜‹ wish that it’s spicier 🌢

πŸ’Έ 2 x $3 and a $5

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