Fish Soup

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The best thing about this is the light, clear and flavourful soup. There’s no milk and it doesn’t taste like there’s MSG in it, it’s just naturally tasty. There’s a good amount of smooth batang fish – the fish isn’t spectacular but it’s good enough to satisfy any fish soup cravings.

Nothing too fancy here, just a simple bowl of fish soup that is nonetheless my go-to every time I have cravings. The fish soup here just tastes naturally sweet and I think even completely MSG-less. The braised beancurd skin with taupok and egg is my fav here - every ingredient has been braised for a sufficiently long enough time that all the goodness from the sauce has been soaked up.

While there are other more famous fish soups at Bukit Timah hawker centre, this one run by a husband and wife power duo just tastes more homely!

My most frequent place when I have fish soup craving. Fish slices are generous and the jasmine white rice is cooked to perfection. Hate it when I get mushy or overcooked rice. Uncle works on the orders really quickly so the queue here is nothing like the one at ABC brickworks.

When you're feeling under the weather, turn to this nourishing bowl of Teochew-style fish soup with white rice. Housed in Bukit Timah Food Centre, their Sliced Fish Soup ($4.50) sees fresh Batang slices, silken tofu, lettuce and tomato swimming in a sweet and light broth. If you come early enough, have the unique Fish Roe add-on ($1.50) that Burppler Muriel AvdH loved for its rich contrast to the firm slices of fish and silken tofu. The best part? You don't have to wait long for your bowl.
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I usually prefer the milky fish soup broth, but Leng Kee is an exception! The clear fish soup broth is so flavourful 😋

The portion is super awesome as well as uncle doesn't scrimp on the ingredients at all! Get the $8, it's super worth it and can be shared between 2 people! ☺️

The lighter clearer soup kind of fish soup! I prefer this over the murky/milky kind of soup. This comes with a generous amount of Batang fish slices. They only sell the non fried ones!


Alone, the soup was light, sweet, and well-populated with ingredients. I loved that the mee sua made the soup so viscous that I no longer needed carnation milk. (Lower cals than thick bee hoon btw.) Also loved that the fish slices were soft, evenly cooked, and absolutely devoid of piscine odour.

🏅 10/10
💭 Must try

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Leng Kee is known for its generous portions of sliced fish. Add a bowl of beancurd skin to complete the meal. All you need to beat the Monday blues 😌


This Leng Kee Fish Soup #02-192 bowl starts with a sip of warmth. Teochew clear broth is light in your mouth, the flavour of fish robust. Chunky mackerel slices come firm yet tender, tasting clean and fresh. Silken tofu, tomatoes and lettuce complete the healthy bowl (from $4). Savoury, sweet chilli is a dab into soy, minced chilli and garlic.
Spanish mackerel roe ($2) is an add-on option! Bite into a clump of fish roe; it's mild flavour breaks in coarse pearls over your tongue. (By courtesy of stall Uncle) Have a piece of milt if you've the balls. The fine-textured sac of nutrition sends subtle oceanic flavour. Squid roe, tasting light, biting thick, is collagen-rich, looking like a golden-yellow jelly.
Kudos to the skill and dedication for the clean fragrance from each of the nourishing ingredients! Fried fish version they do not sell.
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At the mere mention of what's good in Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre, Leng Kee Fish Soup will come to mind. They operate from 10am till 8pm, but usually sell out early, so head down during lunch to avoid disappointment! Their signature Fish Soup (from $4) is well worth the 20-minute wait. Tastemaker Vanessa Kou loves the clear broth that is "light, nourishing yet robust and bursting with flavour", and she claims that "the aromatic clear broth is one of the best I have had of late with its full-bodied sweetness"! With firm, fresh slices of Spanish mackerel (batang), and garnished with tomatoes, lettuce and silken tofu, it's the ultimate rainy day comfort food. Pro tip: If available, get the Fish Soup with Fish Roe (from $6) for added texture!
Avg Price: $5 per person
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