Squid Tentacle Fritters

$8.90 · 6 Reviews

A plate of deep fried crispy squid tentacles served with chilli lime aioli which is an appetiser that you’ll spot on most of the tables at Kra Pow. The squid is super crispy and delicious. If it’s too dry, just dip in some aioli and you’re good to go. Makes a great appetiser for sharing, just make sure you actually share!

Yummy but relative to the high standards here there's nothing special. That's chilli lime aioli.

Portion was sooo measly when compared to other burpplers' reviews... For this price, nope wouldn’t order again as its taste was nothing fantastic to begin with. 🐙


Saw recommendations online to try this so we did and it was yummy, sans the fact that we actually doggie bagged this and had it almost 30mins later, resulting in it being less crispy than it was. Nevertheless, the squid was fat and chewy but a tad pricey I feel.

They were already addictive to have on their own, but it is best dipped in the chilli lime aioli which gives it a more thicker and creamy taste!


These were pretty fantastic — honestly quite stoked how similar these tasted to Old Chang Kee's Fried Octopus OnStick in flavour but delightfully thin and crisp batter which makes them even more addictive to have. The chili lime aioli gave just a manageable and light kick in terms of spiciness, but also a tinge of sweetness that made these already delicious morsels of squid tentacles even more appetising!