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I have been wanting to try this since there was the pre-booking. I finally did, with the Burpple team πŸ˜…

I generally enjoy fried chicken patty, so this was interesting for me. The sauce though, I think I imagined it to be like Gold Chilli's butter gravy, but it wasn't. It wasn't sweet at all. It was a-okay, I'd probably come back to try the other burgers.


Ultraman V3.0, guess the name is after the canto version i.e. Salted Egg Yolk Hero (Hamdan Chiu yan). Not sure how V1.0 and V2.0 tasted like, it was my first time here after hearing so much about myburgerlab and I'm liking this V3.0! Fried chicken patty is crispy but not too oily, plus the right amount of salted egg yolk sauce (tips: make sure the remaining sauce in the pocket is being "returned" onto the burger.) I enjoyed each and every bite of it! Giam nerng rocks!



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Burger comes with a soft and fluffy charcoal bun. In between is a piece of fried chicken that is extremely crispy on the outside yet so tender and juicy on the inside, coated in thick salted egg! Eaten together with the sweet spicy sauce, flavor explosion is a guarantee!