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Firebake Bread Board

$10.00 · 30 Reviews

Nice place for breakfast. Love the sourdough and butter here. Had a main course of grilled sausage bacon and side plate of oven baked eggplant here too which I feel is just mediocre. The scrambled eggs is good but overpriced at $8 for just 2 eggs.

Amazing and fresh bread, with good quality olive oil and butter.


"Planning to end your day with breakfast?" 😆🤣 the handsome humorous waiter's joke amused us when he served the bread board $10++, milk bun with jam $3.50++, babyccino $2.50++ and hot chocolate$4.50++. Not our first patronage here, the service crew cheerfulness and friendliness impressed us once again.
We really really loved the prawn capellini $22++. It was so flavourful and unforgettable delicious. My DD commented that it was the most delicious pasta she has tasted.
We were also delighted to have the sea bass $26++ being served with a generous portion of kailan and salad.
Will sure come back again for their capellini!


This is a great choice if you wish to sample their in-house sourdough loaves in its purest form - a selection of sliced and toasted Wave (white), Field (wholemeal), Rock (rye) and Valley (fruit), to go with butter or olive oil. I particularly like how the salted butter gives off a strong, pleasant aroma, as well as the touch of salt in their good quality olive oil. Wave, Field and Rock go well with either of the two, but the Valley is best enjoyed on its own in my opinion!

What I really disliked, however, were the burnt parts of the bread as they gave a bitter aftertaste to the otherwise delicious starter. I also didn't appreciate that they served this - a simple starter - only 30mins after my order was placed.

The bread platter was the best dish of the night. The rest of the mains were ok

The Firebake bread board ($10) deserves a spot on every table. A selection of assorted breads, including the likes of house made woodfired sourdough and fruit loaf, is served with salted Norwegian butter and Greek olive oil. Adding on a side of their delectable tangerine-hued house made kaya ($1), with fragrant floral notes, is a must.

There’s also the toasted sourdough milk bun with kaya (and butter, of course) at $3.50 - breakfast for one, sorted.


Meet the East side bakery cafe to eat and be seen at. You gotta have bread — the Firebake Bread Board ($10) is a great place to start and figure out which loaf you like best (to take home). For mains, try the Aglio Olio Cappelini ($21) or the addictive Scottish Blue Mussels ($30).
Photo by Burppler Weekendeatwhat

Apparently a must try so we ordered this. The Wave and the Field was our favorites! The Valley was way too sour for our liking. Would be great if they had homemade butter as well though. $10 for these variety of breads.

Who knew there could be so many variations of sourdough bread? Each crusty, wood fire-baked slice we had was on point and made even more stellar with our choice of spreads: that smooth, luscious Norwegian butter, and the Greek pine honey that can only be described as exquisite.

No choice for the breads but we got Vegemite, Norwegian butter (2 spreads)and lemon and vanilla marmalade(+3 for the third spread)

Bread was good but not life changing. The Norwegian butter was incredibly good though and it actually melts on its own once u spread it on the bread. Vegemite is intense and I couldn't get used to it lol(it's very salty as well seems like an acquired taste) while the marmalade was average