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Bopis is not for the faint-hearted as it is actually chopped pigโ€™s lung and heart stewed in a rich and savoury sauce. There is no funny pork taste, the pork offal has a nice chew and this flavourful dish goes very well with rice too.

While sisig is generally a more common Filipino dish, the bopis here is executed wayyy better. The beef lung and heart pieces were perfectly cooked in a savoury, tomato-ey stew with just the right amount of heat. Super moreish and definitely more value-for-money than the sisig.


Oh my gosh.. this dish filled with pig's lungs is just so flavorful. We kept taking spoonfuls of this when it's on our side of the table and even if it's on the other side, we still extended our reach for this. I can safely say the same goes for the other table as well. The sauce prepared really captures the dish well and it really goes well with a simple plate of rice. This is probably the dark horse of the entire meal.


I am a sucker for "spare parts" which means I went gaga over this unassuming looking bowl of pig lungs and heart.
The cushiony, spongey cubes of the lungs and the slightly chewier pieces of heart were tender from being braised in a light, tangy-from-tomatoes gravy, and very tasty.
Get a portion of plain rice to have with this - it's so shiok! ๐Ÿ˜‹