BBQ Pork Neck

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For a barbecue dinner that doesn't involve you doing the work, head to BBQ Thai. The bustling outdoor environment sporting tuk tuks and other Thai features make this place a frontrunner for your next meetup with the gang! Head straight for their great made-to-order grills. The BBQ Pork Neck (RM28) is found on every table, and it definitely deserves a spot on yours too. Though priced on the steep side, the sliced pork neck spells perfection with its flavour-packed marinade and smoky, tender finish. The spicy green chili dip that comes with it is also hot stuff. The Tom Yum Seafood (RM25) doesn't overload on heat, so even if you're not a fan of the spicy soup, its gentle zing should still satisfy. Also good to munch on between mains are the Thai BBQ Cockles (RM12). For dessert, order the traditional Tako (RM12 for six pieces) that comes set in banana leaves. The one-bite sweet made of coconut milk, jelly and corn is a refreshing way to end the meal!
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler Jessica Lau


Sporting large tables and a rustic open-air environment, this barbecue restaurant is made to accommodate group dinners. Bring fellow Thai food fans here for the fresh grills. It's no wonder the Thai BBQ Pork Neck (RM28) is a popular order, as the smoky, tender meat gleams with a perfect glaze. Don't miss the fiery green chili dip that gives the dish a whole new dimension. Also snag an order of the Thai BBQ Cockles (RM12) โ€” a sizeable serving of warm shells that reveal fat, juicy cockles. For greens, the crowd-pleasing Deep-Fried Kangkung (RM15) is an addictive snack (we mean vegetable...) that will be polished in no time. For an alternative to the usual tom yum, get a sharing pot of Thai-Style Pork Ribs Spicy Sour Soup (RM48). It is redolent of herbs and chock-full of fork-tender pork ribs. The outdoor locale doesn't bode well with rainy nights, so come only when skies are clear.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler Angie Tyo

Located along old klang road .... If you happened to stop by that place and crave for something spicy ! You could stop by here for some Thai spicy street food fixed ! Various type of Thai food from Tom yam - lemon steam fish - BBQ pork neck - even desserts!!!! There are some private parking over there so you do not have to worry, there are also chalet you can book in advance to have some private function ! The environment really brings me back to Thailand ! Really love it there :)) however price is a bit pricy do take note of that hahaha