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Spanish French Toast

$10.00 · 4 Reviews

Far from your typical French Toast, FOC does theirs with a Spanish flair.
The fat puffy oblongs are pumped full of custard and fried to a gorgeous golden-brown. They are then coated in fine sugar and cinnamon powder before being served with housemade vanilla bean ice-cream.
This is the kind of dessert that makes you think “oh, that’s too much” when you read about it in the menu but the moment you take a bite of it, something magical happens and in a matter of moments, you’ll find yourself staring at an empty plate.


Spanish french toast ($10)-like a cinnamon sugar coated donut filled with custard 4/5

Cinnamon and sugar dusted, fantastically fluffy pillows of Torrija(or Spanish French Toast), with an indulgently custard-like core, served with homemade vanilla ice cream. Eat at your own peril, because you'll be wanting more.

Taste: 4/5

Piping hot and sparkling with sugar crystals, the pair of fat, cinnamon-dusted pillows are puffed up with a luscious custard filling and served with housemade vanilla ice-cream. So don't be fooled by the rather nondescript name of Spanish "French Toast" this goes by, or you'll miss out on a really fabulous dessert.