Bisi Bele Bhath

$5.00 · 5 Reviews

Its unusual yet catchy alliterative name immediately piqued my curiosity and I was compelled to order it based purely on how it sounded. The closest approximation would be an Indian version of risotto - a comforting bowl of gently spiced creamy rice with lentils peppered with soft vegetables. It comes with a saucer of buttery melted ghee, which you should totally empty on to and fold into the rice for added richness. They way to eat this is to use the pappadoms as crunchy, edible scoops for the rice.

Taste: 3/5

Bad photo but it was so good! This rice dish was made with lentils, different veg, nutmeg, curry leaves - & lots of ingredients I’m not that familiar with. A little spicy and oh so flavourful. Loved the pairing with the accompanying raita too!

Indulgence, indeed: this little bowl of spiced rice packs a flavourful punch that'll wake you right up in the mornings. The rice is cooked smooth, almost to a paste-like consistency, studded with vegetables for added texture. Don't forget: pour in the mini serving of ghee if you're feeling fancy! Have it with the accompanying raita (you'd be missing out of you don't) and dip in those fun little cumin papads while you're at it. A savoury little pick-me-up, order this if you feel like spicing up your morning routine!


I came here with rocket high expectations and this place still managed to surpass it. I love Indian food and I was really impressed with everything I had. From the vadas to the crispy, buttery laced dosa, we were indeed brought on a gastronomic journey.

We were lucky to have our Indian friend with us who graciously explained to us about the country's culture and food. The table was filled with oohs and aahs from the enlightment of our tastebuds and the knowledge that Indian food takes time, and heart to prepare & we could taste it that afternoon.

Aside from the famed dosa, I would strongly recommend the vada which was so crunchy on the outside yet remained light and fluffy on the inside. The mango lassi as well, brought our meal to a gentle, sweet end (plus they use real mango pulp!).

Go with an open mind and order whatever looks good because, chances are, it would.