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$3.00 · 113 Reviews

an amazing bowl of laksa, one of our local delights. pictured : at $3 a bowl you get a bowl of noodles in a delicious orange broth that isn’t too creamy or too thick (read : just right), a generous serving of cockles, and a spoon of sambal belacan chilli on the side. not pictured : our satisfied faces after consumption of this delightful meal! situated in the berseh food centre area, jalan besar, this humble stall has consistent queues adjacent to the shop, complete with a snaking queue barrier to regulate the laksa-craving masses, this shop hardly disappoints. the ONLY caveat i’ve got as a big eater is that portions are rather small and we had to get 2 bowls each. however at $3 a bowl this is hardly a complaint, and perhaps a single bowl would be an ideal portion for a snack

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$3 for a bowl of laksa and it only comes in one size (pretty small and if you’re hungry you can definitely down 2 bowls). They don’t give you chopsticks as the noodles are cut into spoonable bites which makes it easy to eat. The other ingredients are fishcake, chili, beansprouts and cockles which are fresh and quite juicy. The broth/gravy is the winner here though and leans towards the thicker side and super flavorful, creamy and has a spice that keeps you wanting to come back for more. It’s cooked over a charcoal stove and the noodles are cooked in it as well so it soaks up all the flavor. Just wish there was a larger size so I could have more of this.

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However, few places can get this spicy soupy goodness right.
Priced at $3, Sungei Road Laksa serves a mouthwatering bowl of rice noodles soaked in a creamy orange-red gravy. The gravy possesses a subtle hint of smokiness as a result of simmering in a huge cauldron over a charcoal stove. Like any other laksa dish, the coriander atop acts as a garnish as well as a herb which slightly elevates the flavour of the broth.
That being said, it was a unanimous view that the gravy could have been richer, as it lacks the waves of umami which we were expecting from the rempah. My guess? It's probably due to an excessive amount of coconut milk which reduced the depth of the flavour. The portion of noodles is pretty small as well, but was compensated with a generous amount of cockles. Do order some sides for sharing if you are still hungry! If you are a fan of something that is not too intense, this bowl is perfect for you - do brace yourself for the queue though as it gets prettyyyy long 😕
The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 6.5 ants
💰Value: 8 ants
📍Convenience: 6.5 ants

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Had this famous laksa without much queue! Love the fresh and fleshy (heh) cockles. Why do I’ve this feeling there are better bowls of laksa out there 🤔

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My regular place to fix my laksa cravings. Price has been increasing over the years while portion remain the same. At least they did not drop the standards. To have a full meal, recommend ordering 1.5-2 bowls per person.

The queue was quite long, but orderly. Laksa was a small bowl, but taste was good! The broth is thick and has minced meat to add flavour, noodles al dente and just how I like it. Portion is quite small, so if I go again in future, I'll order two bowls for myself. Yummy!

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Went at almost 3pm today and there’s still a crazy long Q for this famous laksa. Each bowl costs $3 which is pretty costly given the tiny portion (just enough to be a midday snack). Topped up extra $1 for more cockles. Taste is pretty decent but don’t think it’s worth the long Q. Also tried the popiah from the stall next to it but it was so-so.
Rating: 4/5

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This small bowl of laksa is so addictive and I always want to have more than one flavorful!


After having tried so many bowls of laksa all these years, Sungei Road Laksa still remains my all time favourite. Everything just blends together perfectly to create a bowl of goodness that leaves you wanting for more. Shiok!