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$4 Sungei Road Laksa:
8.5/10 Queued for 25mins. 5 cockles are legit and chewy. Laksa is spicy, authentic seafood curry flavor. Noodles are smooth. Just stonks with seafood.

The gravy very light, I can easily finish it the entire bowl, noodle cooked Al dente,served with plum cockles (need to top up $1, coz not a lot)
💰$3 (normal serving).
📍Sungai Road Laksa.
27 Jalan Berseh, #01-100.

Very satisfying bowl of laksa. The queue is pretty long and the bowl is quite small so get 2 bowls to be full. The cockles are really fresh so maybe pay the extra $1 for more cockles

Nothing beats a hot bowl of Laksa on a rainy day.

Small but good. u prob need to have 2 bowls to be full.

They serve them in small bowls similar to that of Boat Noodles stalls. It’s so easy to slurp down these tiny bowls of laksa and before you know it, you’ll have a pile of empty laksa bowls in front of you. So good and so cheap!

Pls note that they are open until 2pm during this period. 😱😂👌

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You’ll probably need 2 of these to be full but it’s a shiok one. Chili packs a punch, cockles were plump, and while the broth was light, it’s flavourful in its seafood flavour. Was a little too salty the last time I tried, but it was just nice this round!

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Muah Chee(forget the stall name ) that located same with Sungei Road Laksa.
Similar concept with Hougang Muah Chee, White (peanut coated) and Black (black sesame coated).
Soft, chewy with generous coating..
📍27 Jalan Berseh.

You use only your spoon to eat the short strands of vermicelli. No fork. No chopsticks.

Who’s the most original, who’s the real “Katong Laksa”… debatable, but guess it doesn’t really matter that much now.

Laksa is complete when a lot of delicious components are brought together in one bowl to give you an authentic taste of Singaporean cuisines, with the sweetness of prawns, fishcakes and cockles, the springiness of thick bee hoon and the tang and spice of coconut-based soup.

While I worry for my cholesterol after finishing this Laksa guide… well, we have to agree it is a hearty and wholesome dish that is comforting and quite reflects the unique Singapore food culture.

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