"Jia Liao" (add ingredients)

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Some time ago, my friend Jo Lee had responded to one of my Instagram Stories that this stall’s fried oyster cake is the one she likes most. So it has been at the back of my mind to give it a try. Today, after slurping up a bowl of Sungei Road Laksa, I waddled over to Berseh Food Centre to hunt it down. And I’m so glad I did because this is gratifying to the nth degree. Thanks Jo! 😄
Made fresh upon order, each Fuzhou oyster cake takes form through the process of spooning batter onto a flattish ladle, arranging the filling of oysters, prawns, minced pork and fresh herbs, then on goes a little more batter to cover that plus some peanuts and ikan bilis, before the whole thing is carefully lowered into very hot oil and deepfried till audibly-obvious crispiness.
All the effort pays off as the result is incredibly delicious. I love how fluffy and soft it is on the inside and the exceedingly fresh seafood and minced pork have such a lovely natural sweetness. If you want to enjoy more of that filling, order the $2.50 option like I did.
There’s a bottle of chilli sauce on the side to spice things up if that’s your preference but I thought the fried oyster cake tasted very good on its own. So I suggest trying it naked first.
Understandably, some waiting time is needed as it looked to me they don’t pre-make their food here. So thank goodness for beepers. Each person is handed one that will go off when their order is ready for pick-up.


This no-frills stall on the second storey of Berseh Food Centre is one of the few existing places in Singapore that still sells oyster cakes, a traditional Fuzhou snack. A circular, palm-sized amount of batter is first topped with ingredients before being lowered into the boiling hot oil. Once cooked, the uncle pours another layer of batter to seal the ingredients before flipping it over to fry. The Regular ($1.80), which is recognisable by the peanuts studding the batter, comes loaded with oysters, minced meat and one prawn encased in a flavourful crispy pancake. Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang was pleasantly surprised to find that the oyster cake was not greasy at all and stayed fluffy on the inside. Pro tip: Request for more ingredients ("jia liao", $2.30), to guarantee a freshly fried one with more prawns and oysters!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

Was super excited to be here as I haven’t had one of these in a looooooong time! Sadly, this traditional snack is no longer as commonly found around anymore, let alone a quality one like this. This here had fresh chunky meat, prawns and oysters encased within that flavourful crispy exterior, plus a nice touch of crunchy silver fish on the top. Wasn’t too greasy at all and in fact, stays quite fluffy inside. One wasn't enough!

You can also get the Normal version at $1.80 but the level up $2.30 one has more ingredients and you’ll be guaranteed a freshly fried one. #BurppleJalanBesar

📍福州寶華蠔饼 Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster Cake
Berseh Food Centre, Unit #02-34
166 Jalan Besar Singapore 208877
Opens daily 10am - 6pm


If you can't really take oyster like me, swap oyster for more prawns! Imagine crisp exterior layer of batter with a slight crunch from the peanuts while inside remain soft and fluffy!
Thank you @mokxc for getting these for us! A real good after lunch treat! 😋