Char Siew Rice

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Slightly high price point of $6.

But well worth the price, char Siew was well charred and tender, roast pork skin was crispy and not tough.

A brilliant combination on and all.
20mins wait for it.

Roasted Pork Char Siew Rice + Char Siew ($7)
- Sambal was sweet but spicier than most, numbing sensation on tongue; Do not go crazy on the sambal
- Char siew had a strong caramelisation all around and a melt-in-your-mouth tender bite. Every single piece of char siew was well caramelised and the pieces of char siew here were fattier than other stalls making it much more satisfying and sinful
- Roasted pork here must have been the best out of all the roast meat stalls I have tasted in SG thus far. The skin truly had a biscuit-like crust and a good proportion of tender meat and fat meant that immediately after the satisfying crunch from the skin, the meat and fat would melt in your mouth
- Generous sweet sauce coated every grain of rice complementing the saltish flavours of the meat really well
Price: 7/10
Taste: 9.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10

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Sadly, the roast pork was sold out, so I was left with char siew rice!
Initially, I just ate the char siew with the rice and I thought meh, it was just another plate of char siew rice. But after eating the char siew alone, I realized that the skin of the char siew was crispy but the meat inside was a little tough but still rather tender. However, a rather ordinary meal in general but I'll be back to try the roast pork!

But no complaints. Even before the stall opens, there was already a queue.
The meats hanging, the glistening sheen of the duck skin, the orlulu (blackened) charsiew and the oils dripping were a sight to behold. The wonderful sound of chopping was music to my ears. Finally I got my hands on a plate of roasted duck and charsiew rice only at $5. ◾◾
The duck was fragrant especially the skin which was a little crispy. Charsiew with melty fats, little meat with a hint of smokiness. The exterior was crisp and very charred to the extent of deep black. Whilst the flesh was sweet, I find the caramelized sugar sticks to the teeth after a few bites. Dont forget the homemade chilli (not sambal), it packed lotsa fiery spicy 👊. I did not try the sio bak cos I forgot!! Next time!
Even tho their website states opening hour as 10.30am, the stall was opened about 11.30. So if you intend to visit, go before lunch as the lunch queue snaked till outside of the kopitiam.

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