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Sio Bak

$4.00 · 50 Reviews

The char siew and sio bak were mindblowingly good. I am not even a fan of sio bak but this has won me over. The crispy skin and melt-in-your-mouth fat is a perfect combination!

The amazingly crispy skin of the sio bak releases a thundering crackle as it crumbles in your mouth almost like cookies, while the rest of the decadently fatty meat sensually caresses the tongue. Pretty expensive though ($5.50).


The price was reasonable for the chunky sio bak! But could have been a little bit more. Char siew is charred and melts in the mouth

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Location : @88hongkongroastmeatspecialist.
153 Tyrwhitt Road, Qinan Building.
Singapore, 207566
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Being greedy and ordered 3 pax worth of char siew and sio bak ($26) for 2 people because we needed to queue for approx 20mins. You will love it if you like fatty meat. The siobak was so cripsy that it was a little shocking (honestly) and "wow" just escaped my mouth. It wasn't flavoured enough though, and thought there should be more of the 五香/five spices marinated in the meat. The char siew was charred so you get that chaotar taste in your mouth and the sauce was too sweet for my liking. Had to gulp down lots of water. Didnt plan to finish my rice but ended up finishing it too because i had to eat it with my rice. I like the fatty meat part but didnt like the flavour for both. And best advice: just order for 2 pax when you have 2 people because you will get jelat from all the fats and you will have trouble finishing it.

Unfortunately their popular Sio Bak wasn't available, and I had to settle for their roast duck, which was decent but not really noteworthy IMO.
Contrastingly, their Char Siew was pretty impressive. Admittedly, I felt it was slightly lacking in the smoky caramelisation I so love, but made up for it in other areas. It was super tender and carried gratuitous amounts of melt-in the-mouth fat, and the sauce was delightfully flavourful but not too jelak. Hopefully, their Sio Bak will be available on my next visit.


Whenever We're around Jalan Besar Area, Is either we're too full or we've other plans in mind! Hence, Didn't really have a chance to give 88 HK Roast Specialists A Shot!.

Well, Since we're around the Area With No Plans today. We've decided to give them a call to double check on their Roast Availability cause it's running kinda late and their items might be already Sold Out!.

Unfortunately, We've only Roast Duck and Char Siew as our options. Duck was lusciously presented upon and was drenched in their glorious sweet sauce! I have to say their Meat was really well done in texture W a great bite to it, However their Sauce was a little to sweet to my liking!.

I guess i would definitely patronise then again! Next time, I would definitely be early for their Sio Bak!🍴🤤


Listed under the Burpple Hot 100 2019, @88hongkongroastmeatspecialist is a humble hawker stall that gained much popularity for its flavourful char siew and fatty sio bak with crispy skin. It isn’t hard to see why there’s always a perpetual queue here.

Comment down below where you belong to, Team Sio Bak or Team Char Siew?

P.S. I’m in Team Sio Bak 🙃.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


This is the kind of meat that can make a vegan salivate and ignite the carnivore in you. This is not your usual roast meat. This one is definitely different and left an impression on me.

The Char Siew is tender and not overly sweet while the Roast Duck is decent and not tough and dry. I can talk about the Sio Bak all day. It’s that good. The fatty Sio Bak with crispy skin literally melts in your mouth. Some might find it too fatty but I love my meat fatty.

Paired with the rich and savoury sauce and chili, it really brings out the flavour of the meat. Delicious.

153 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207566

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For me Sio Bak is the winner.
Sio Bak has a crispy skin with juicy and tender meat underneath.
As for the char siew, the meat was flavour with the fats
📍88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist.
153 Tyrwhitt Road.

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