Pig Organ's Soup

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Not the first time I'm having this but abit annoyed with some people's opinion. This is an intense bowl, with every sip impressive. This isn't light or clean or homely. If your mom can make something like this I'd love to meet her and book a private dining lol

Also it's refillable and it's an utter sin not to refill here. If anyone knows a better pig organ soup please comment

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One of the best pig organ soup in Singapore!

Generous serving of pig offal & pork slices cooked to the right doneness. Chewy and tender pork slices in a sweet and clear broth that was unexpectedly pleasant.

P.S. It rekindled my love for pork liver.

Yummy!! Large size at 6.80$

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The lean pork and liver are cooked gently, retaining a soft chew. With the other dishes, the Braised Large Intestines are fine enough, as are the Sesame Chicken and Braised Pork Rice, but the Pig Trotter comes with a sweet, slightly herbal braising sauce which tastes a bit flat. @authenticmunchee
No Go
Can Go👌🏼
Must Go

Their braised pig intestines and braised pork rice’s the bomb! Paired with pipin’ hot pig organ soup, this is the perfect meal in SG rainy weather.

Have always wanted to try this place for a long time but left disappointed because there was no wow factor in it. The soup while comforting, lack oomph but came brimming with ingredients. Vegetables should be skipped at all cost, expensive and bland. Fried meatballs were quite good, kind of like having keropok while the 卤肉饭 was pretty tasty and came with a decent amount of braised pork.

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Authentic Mun Chee Kee claims to be the king of pig organ soup, but one thing they’re definitely king of is the ever luscious lu rou fan.

Tender, tremendously titillating strips of stewed pork belly (kong bak) are laid to rest upon a mound of white rice, and is showered with a deluge of the sauce that the heavenly belly was born out of. In other words, it’s the perfect food to have when you’re drunk. All that indecent indulgence is yours for just $1.80 a bowl.

Hail to the King, baby.