Mei Cai

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Although this place is famous for their pig’s organs soup, heaven help us if we were going to only order that. Our unscheduled stop at a quaint tea shop where the owner treated us to an impromptu tea-tasting session had led to a couple of us being “ahem” close to fainting (sorry @alicia.kho @rainraineeataway 😅). So a pig-out session was in order.
Besides the aforementioned signature soup, we also got a big bowl of pig’s trotter stewed in vinegar, claypot sesame oil chicken, a serving of “mei cai” (preserved vegetable - @that_dex was right, theirs is exceptional), some fresh green vegetables in oyster sauce and bowls of “lu rou fan” (braised pork belly rice). The food was every bit as good as it’s reputed to be but I do wish their chilli dip was a lot more ballsy.


I've never been here, but so glad I did. This is apparently the legit original stall that you should be visiting; while I haven't been to the other one, I definitely know I'm coming back here again.

Not only is it crazy value for money (you also get 10% off if you like them on Facebook & show it to them when you make payment), but super freaking delicious.

The humble bowl of Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭 ($1.80) is packed with flavours. I couldn't resist tucking in, despite not actually being a fan of fatty meat. This, & the Preserved Vegetables 梅菜 ($2.50), both surprised me with their comforting flavours.

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The soup here is cleaner compared to its rival down the road, with a lighter kiamchye taste; so go for the other one if you like something more savoury - loads of kiamchye!

I like how the soup from both stalls didn't have an overpowering porky taste. This very comforting soup, best for rainy days, comes with lean meat, pig liver (this was slightly better, less powdery), pig stomach and pork balls and tofu. Our side orders of pig intestine was fresh and relatively clean-tasting, and that braised sauce was shiioook. When you're here, go for the addictive muichye and of course the lu rou fan which is only $1.80!
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There are 2 stalls known for their pig organ soups in Jalan Besar, both with almost the same names even (the other at Foch Road), but this one wins it for me!

The bowl comes with slices of lean meat, pig stomach, pork balls and pig livers. All were done really well, super tender with a good bite. Soup wise, it was clean and had really well-balanced flavours - not too porky but also not too overpowered by the crunchy kiam chye (pickled mustard greens). It's the kind you can slurp on spoonful after spoonful!

Also, ditch the plain white rice as your usual carbs for their $1.80 Lu Rou Fan (braised pork rice) that has a nice amount of fats and meat. Pair that with a side of that addictive mei chye (preserved vegetables), affordable and shiok! #BurppleJalanBesar

There are two stalls in Jalan Besar serving pig organ soup, and BOTH of them are named Mun Chee Kee. Gotta confuse the consumer to make the most money, right babe? However, I've bravely waded into the fray and sorted out that particular annoyance.

Authentic Mun Chee Kee is the one that doesn't have floors which are in desperate need of a thorough scrub down with a metal brush and a copious amount of Jif, and in my own personal opinion, is the superior of the similarly named duo.

The pig organ soup was saturated with all kinds of porky, savory flavors but was not overwhelmingly porky like Cheng Mun Chee Kee was, and the broth was pleasantly easy to sip on. The innards in the soup were thoroughly cleaned and tasted fresh, but Authentic Cheng Mun Chee Kee's rendition did not seem to include the generous slices of lean pork meat that Cheng's does.

Confused yet? I certainly am.

However, one thing that's crystal clear is the superb braised pig intestines. I've always been a bit partial of anything involving pig intestines since young, but Authentic Mun Chee Kee's big intestines were some of the best I've chewed down on so far. While a little thicker than I was expecting, they were chewy yet tender in all the right amounts, and the accompanying soy sauce was just simply superb. Many eateries that serve large pig's intestines don't quite bother to get all that revolting fat and gunk out of the intestines, which results in a revolting taste and scent with every bite.

Authentic Mun Chee Kee, on the other hand, puts quite a bit of effort into making sure the offal is thoroughly cleaned so that only the savoriness of their soy based sauce shines through. They've also braised the normally tough intestines to perfection, resulting in the right amounts of chewiness and tenderness in every bite.

The mei chye was pretty addictive too, having a unique texture akin to fried shallots, while the $1.80 (!) lu rou fan was amazingly addictive. Hell, its less than $2 a bowl, just shut up and savor it.

Tack that on to the surprisingly sweet vinegar braised pork belly that's rather delicious, and you'll be pigging out on this sumptuous selection of affordable priced porcine indulgences before you can say "oink".



I was a little amused when I saw that this place labels itself as the authentic store. I've tried the 'non-authentic' store at Jalan Besar area, which tasted pretty decent, hence I was quite interested to find out how much better this authentic version tastes like.

The pig organ soup here comes in 2 sizes. $4 for small portion and $6 for the larger portion. We went for the $6 version that came with a sizable portion of pig stomach, lean meat, pig liver and pork balls. I must say, the pig liver here is absolutely delish. The texture is just right and I couldn't help but eat one too many slices of it. Soup wise - I find the authentic version to me sweeter and more 'porky' (for lack of a better word). I prefer the balance in flavors here. I thought the 'non-authentic' version could get a little too salty towards the end.

I also liked the braised taupok with peanuts ($3) though the sauce is a little oily. The braised sauce is so yummy, I literally drenched my rice in it.

Noticed that the other patrons here all had the braised pork rice ($1.80) alongside with their food. Mental note to try that next time!


Personally prefer this over the Foch Road version as the pickled mustard greens (kiam chye) taste in the soup here isn't too intense, and also because they have lu rou fan! ❤️

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