Yaki Tetsu Edo Style

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Wagyu with white miso

Wagyu grilled with sweet miso

The F1 wagyu was brought to our table together with a filled pushchart. The beef and other vegetables are cook on the spot using sweet miso. The beef was really juciy because it was soak nicey in the sweet miso.


What is unique is the topping on the chicken skewers. The flavours are miso, citrus, sesame, vinegar & tartar and teriyaki sauce. There is also beef version, Wagyu Kushu Mori ($39.90) which comes in an assortment of grated radish & ponzu sauce, edo sweet miso, homemade steak sauce wasabi and saikyo miso.
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Niku Kappo
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 65099366
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 10pm

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Diners can choose between the Kyushu Wagyu and Japanese F1 Wagyu. Edo style is richer and sweeter as it is cooked in miso sauce compared to the Kobe style. The server will cook at table side while you can enjoy the rest of the meal without the hassle of multitasking.

Indeed they served some good Wagyu here on their hot plate, cooked upon order at the table. However, the goodness of the steak was covered by the strong flavour of the Edo Ama brown soybean Miso that we chose.
Undoubtedly good miso it was, but it soon became too jelat for us, especially when everything in the pot was covered in the miso.
The set we chose came with salad, truffle and Uni chawamushi, Beef sushi and some desserts for sweet endings. It was suitable for couple sharing since the items came only in 1 serving each. But do be prepared for a higher bill here.
Overall, their miso seemed to be the key feature rather than the beef so do visit with a clearer choice.


It's a pretty delicious dish as a whole but for its price, quite underwhelming. The way this dish was prepared meant the beef chunks were seared right at the beginning & left aside while the other ingredients were being cooked. That meant that while it took 10mins for the veggies, tofu & bean curd skin to be cooked, the poor chunks of precious seared Wagyu are left to go cold. They were only added back in w the group at the end, right before serving. I'm not a fan of cold beef & I felt that it did a disservice to the taste of the meat. Will definitely come back here for the Mt Fuji Nabe & the beef sushi/sashimi but I'll give this dish a skip. ☹️

Cubes of beef served together with mixed veggies and tofu and grilled with miso sauce. Serving time felt like a pretty long wait as servers had to go from table to table to cook this dish at your table. Decent quality, good location for big groups gatherings to order skewers and other wagyu sushi for sharing