$10.00 · 1 Review

They had this and a Ma La Xiang Guo ($25) on the menu. Don’t know why it’s called Wonton but who cares if the food is so good! This ‘Wonton’ is essentially a bowl of random ingredients stir fried in Ma La. There were kelp, potato slices, beancurd skin, beansprouts, sausages and cabbage. First bite in woke the tastebuds up straightaway with a nice punch! It wasn’t too spicy but the numbness you get is definitely up a notch from the usuals. I liked that all the ingredients were fried super thoroughly in that addictive concoction of seasoning used. Seriously can’t wait to go back and try their Ma La Xiang Guo! Just in case you can't find it in their thick menu books, the dish number is 6015. #BurppleSGLateNight