Lebanese Fried Chicken

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Saw most reviews recommending Lebanese, but it didn’t impress me at all. Marinated with simple dry herbs and drizzled w honey-sweetness. The chicken was indeed very tender. Overpriced, would rather go for our all time favorite - OFC.

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I'm not crazy about fried chicken at all, unless they're doused in heavy sauces. So, I'll be the first to admit that it takes A LOT to impress me with this dish.
While the fried chicken here didn't change my mind about how I feel, it is a pretty good rendition of it. The batter was really light, crispy and seasoned well, but the most amazing thing has to be how the chicken remained so juicy and moist within. Yes, that includes the notoriously dry breast meat!
It is also served thoughtfully with some pickles to add some freshness and a garlic dip which reminds me of a whipped version of the tzatziki sauce.
While I'd still pick saucy fried chicken over this, I am certain this would definitely please all the plain ol' fried chicken fans out there. If you're not driving to get here, definitely get some booze to go with your meal; they even have recommended pairings with your choice of chicken on the blackboard!


Essentially a deconstructed "burger-inspired" fried rice. Perfectly seared and tender Tajima Wagyu, American cheese, cheeseburger sauce - no idea what goes in it was only told that it's "special sauce", but very delectable. Served with kale, corn, pickles, onions, greens, sweet cherry tomatoes and topped with a sunny side up. Mix it all up and you get a very satisfying meal. They did say it was good for 2 to share but I think I could've finished it by myself (portion and tastiness-wise) if not for the fact that we also had to have the Lebanese fried chicken again.


Using only Sakura chickens which are air flown, this will definitely change your perception that even the breast meat will be packed with flavours and juices, a stark contrast from many other places. Pictured is one of the trio of birds available and this is the Lebanese Fried Chicken (Half $25) which has been seasoned with za'atar, drizzled with a honey lemon sauce and served with a toum garlic whip cream.
Bird Bird
Address: 97, Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458222

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If you could only order one dish from the menu, it has to be the Lebanese Fried Chicken ($25 for half, $49 for whole) with za'atar and honey lemon!!! The sweetness of the honey along with the slight hint of lemon, further accentuated by the za'atar (spice blend of oregano, thyme and/or marjoram, sesame seeds and sumac) was such a unique yet somehow familiar synthesis of flavours. The toum garlic whip, which tasted like a zippy version of garlic aioli, also paired fabulously with the chicken. Notable mention goes out to the wickedly crispy chicken skin (with the most flavour as well) that left me in such a state of sweet, blissful contentment. 😌

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The portions are generously covered in Za’atar spices that are usually made with thyme, oregano, marjoram, and sumac - you can imagine how flavourful it was! My favourite part was dipping into the addictive garlic toum, so wonderfully pungent and prickly. If you need more heat to all these, the restaurant has a special shelf storing several types of hot sauce that could potentially burn your tongue, but hey YOLO 😜 All the fried chicken are served in “half bird” ($25) and “the whole damn bird” ($49).


What better way to indulge than downing a plate of delicious fried chicken... Not KFC - don’t spoil your weekend like that. Gather your friends and take a trip down to the laid-back Frankel Ave neighbourhood where Bird Bird resides - trust me, you'll need more than one stomach.
You might have eaten their Southern Fried Chicken with truffle mash and gravy at Savour last year, almost the same is offered at the diner (without the truffle though), along with two other flavours - Bangkok style and Lebanese style. The Bangkok Fried Chicken is fragrant with the Thai aromatic spices added to the batter, though the experience is not complete without dipping the meat into the green chilli nam jim, a spicy blend of fish sauce and lime juice with green chilli, coriander and onions.


Don't mezze around with this bird, because she's packing a za'atar spiced, honey lemon kissed flavour punch. That creamy garlic toum whip on the side? Works amazingly on the meat as well. So what are you waiting for? Thyme to get your ass down because it's goddamn chicken tonight.

Thanks to @burpple for the invite and @birdbirdsg for the fowl feast!

Taste: 3.5/5


I remember enjoying this the last time I ordered it, but not so much on my latest visit. The brined and Old Bay spiced chicken wasn't particularly remarkable in any way, and the house gravy which I normally love was too salty. Maybe it was an off day, or perhaps the newly introduced Lebanese Fried Chicken might just have set the bar too high.

Thanks to @burpple for the invite and @birdbirdsg for hosting!

Taste: 3/5


Had lunch here with colleagues and we ordered a variety of fried chicken and craft beers. The clear winner was the Lebanese style fried chicken (pictured below). I can imagine this would also be a good place for dinner and drinks!