Durian Softie Pie

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If the Durian Softie Pie sounds too sinful for you, the Fresh Fruit Parfait might be more to your liking - cool palate cleanser with refreshing rose-macerated watermelon cubes, raspberries, tart lime curd and honeycomb surrounding the strawberry beetroot softee.


If you have deep and intense feelings for the king of fruit, you'll love the deeply intense durian flavours in this dessert. Toasted milk softie drizzled with gula melaka caramel paired with a highly potent durian pudding lurking just out of sight at the bottom of the bowl.

Thanks to @burpple for the invite and @birdbirdsg for hosting!

Taste: 4/5


Toasted Milk Softie, Durian Pudding, Almond Crust, White Chocolate, Gula Melaka Caramel

⭕️The durian pudding was really made of durians πŸ˜‹ #noartificialflavours
⭕️ Not too sweet
⭕️ Tinge of saltiness from the almond crunch balances the sweetness of the softie & pudding

πŸ’Έ $16++
Verdict: 😍
OMG πŸ’›s, not just beautiful, it was Y.U.M.M.Y!


You know this durian is crafted masterfully when there are various ingredients to juggle with, yet the interplay of taste and texture were on point.
Besides durian, the toasted milk softie is also the star here. The smoky fragrance floats above the white chocolate and gula melaka, and remains detectable despite the strong flavour from the durian pudding. It lingers even after you've swallowed everything. Make sure you cut through to the bottom, and be rewarded by the crunchy almond crust that has soaked in all the above goodness.
Thanks @burpple for the invitation to this tasting at @birdbirdsg, and @fionatingx for hosting us!

Favourite softie pies and we got to see our talented @fionatingx at work! Thanks for feeding us with these beautiful desserts!

I love how the different elements in each bowl goes so well together. Honestly can't decide which is my favourite so my suggestion would be to bring more friends and order them all πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

If you fancy something simpler, the Fresh Fruit Parfait ($11) is it. Not overly sweet, the pretty in pink strawberry beetroot softie with rose syrup-marinated watermelon cubes, lemon curd, raspberries and honeycomb (loved how it wasn't annoyingly sticky!) might be overshadowed by the rest in terms of flavours but one that you'll keep digging into. For chocolate lovers, go for the Mudslide ($14) which comes with a creamy toasted milk soft serve topped with rich chocolate pudding, brownies, fudge, shaved chocolate and I loved the cacao nib pie crust for that extra crunch! And of course, the durian softie pie ($16) that stole our hearts last Savour - think durian pudding that's like the real deal, with crunchy almond crust, white chocolate, finished with a drizzle of gula melaka.


A durian softie pie. Toasted milk soft serve, durian pudding, almond crust, caramelised white chocolate and gula melaka caramel. Wah.... sounds like a mouthful. The smell of durian was like perfume .. so pungent and even aromatic. With crunch from the almonds, it is simply durian-licious. β—Ύβ—Ύ
If you are a durian lover, this is really up your alley. Just because me, myself and I adore durians. And I am thrilled cos this is just #inmybackyard

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We don't find a lot of durian desserts around in cafes (except in Chinese dessert shops) so I'm glad to see this Durian Softie Pie on Bird Bird's menu. Wonderfully paired with a huge swirl of toasted milk soft serve and lots of durian pudding, almond pie crust, caramelized white chocolate and drizzled with gula melaka caramel, the portion is good for sharing amongst 4 people. I enjoyed the strong taste of durian when I take a mouthful and as the ice cream melts in my mouth, I get to taste a charcoal-liked flavor that lingers beautifully.


Toasted Milk Soft Serve, Rhubarb Apple Strawberry Cobbler, Kataifi Pastry, Candied Pecans.

Was a little bummed because my friend didn't like durian but still very impressed with the Rhuppleberry Softie Pie. This feels very identical to one of my favourite candy of all time; a milk with strawberry swirl hard candy especially when you combine all the elements especially the soft-to-the-bite macerated fruits together with every spoon, which comes a light crispiness every time when you hit the Kataifi Pastry on the side. At the bottom, a tart base supports the entire Softie which was surprisingly not soggy despite supporting the entire Softie alone, while lending a buttery, crusty goodness to go along with the soft serve. Very well-executed and there was never once it felt overly sweet despite everything that is going on in the bowl; would definitely try the Durian Softie Pie again some other day.