Skillet PB Cookie

$15.00 ยท 3 Reviews

Opened by sogurt, KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar has an amazing cafe-like layout and atmosphere with a great service crew.

If you're a fan of cookies with soft serve, this is definitely your dish! The cookies were soft and moist and really delicious. We ordered the Maple Lavender softserve, and it was not overly sweet and was thick and creamy. I loved the Lychee Rose yogurt as well, as it had a very light and refreshing taste as compared to the Maple Lavender, similar to a sorbet. We ultimately still went with the Maple Lavender to go with our dish as we thought it would match it better.

I absolutely love dessert cafes and I will definitely be back here soon ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿง

I loved this but I'm biased because i'm a peanut butter fanatic. We could choose the yogurt flavour and although the lychee rose was refreshing, we thought maple lavender would compliment the PB flavour better.

The yogurt helped balanced the sweetness of the cookie and didn't melt as quick as other yogurt/ice cream! The fact that it sat atop yet another cookie (that wasn't fresh and hot) helped keep it that way :)

Gotta admit service was 11/10 but it may just be that one service staff who served us. Absolutely great experience!!! Atmosphere of the cafe was really cosy and hip too.


Ever since I had my first skillet cookie at Fynn's, I've been on the lookout for more and I'm glad to have found this at Kara Cafe & Dessert Bar. It's a REALLY big cookie base so best to share with three or more friends. Love how intense the peanut butter taste is in the cookie, and the salted speculoos ice cream is creamy, milky and silky โ€” in short, amazing. #Burpproved