Kris Grey Ice Cream

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Ice Cream (In a Cup) Unicorn Pop ($3.50) I felt a bit bland taste but suitable for people who prefer less sweet. I missed kris grey ice cream which comeback this year when I visited them around May.

Three's a Crowd's ice cream is no stranger to me, as I would say that this cafe's homemade ice cream do have their standards. I got their 300g tub ($10 for normal flavours 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) because their ice cream really do stand out. The 2 flavours in the picture are my recommendations, as they are not too sweet. They also compliment each other well, as the chocolate flavour is REALLY rich, while the kris grey (earl grey) flavour is light and refreshing.


Craving for desserts after your meal? You know where to go. Three's a Crowd ice cream is really smooth and flavours are strong as well. I ordered their double scoop ice cream ($3/$3.50 per scoop for normal/premium flavours 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and their pandan waffles ($7) to go with them.

The chocolate flavour is a must get, as it is not so sweet, but yet so rich on their chocolate flavours. Kris Grey flavour is a neutralizing flavour if you are getting many rich flavours, as it is not sweet and the early grey tea notes is really refreshing. The pandan waffles, though crispy and fluffy, were too salty and I will just take it to be a one-off thing.

The service there is really good as always, and it does complete the whole dining experience!

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Nestled in a sleepy part of Tampines, Three's a Crowd Cafe dishes out cakes, waffles and ice cream — perfect for a sweet treat with your friends. Share the fluffy waffles that come with crispy edges and top it off with one of their house-made ice creams. There are 14 flavours to choose from, so you'll be spoilt for choice! Tea lovers, go for the Kris Grey ($3.50) — a smooth earl grey ice cream with a strong punch, a result of them steeping Ette brand tea leaves in milk for 12 hours. Alcoholics will love the Baileys ($4.50) and the Drunken Raisins ($4.50). The latter comes with raisins soaked in rum for more than a month — we only wished there were more! Not in the mood for ice cream? Three's a Crowd Cafe also serves cake by the slice, all baked in-house of course, like the crowd-pleasing Strawberry Shortcake ($5.80 per slice).
Avg Price: $5 per person
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New little joint just opened, nestled in a quiet part of Tampines and they're serving up some legit ice cream made in-house.

Got the waffles with their Drunken Raisins and Kris Grey (their own earl grey recipe, steeping Ette brand tea leaves in milk for long, goooood soak). The Drunken Raisins packed a punch! While the ice cream itself was relatively mild, the raisins were devilishly potent – a result of soaking them in alcohol for over a month (though I wished there were more)! Kris Grey was very well balanced with really nice aromatics that you'd expect from earl grey ice cream. But what I loved was how smooth all the ice creams were. They might not have the craziest concoctions, but the ice creams are sure to satisfy any dessert cravings.

Oh yea, their waffles were good too. Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. 😂