4-Spice Chicken Liver Pâté

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Best pate in Singapore.

The pate was smooth, with a very distinct flavour from the chicken liver. Consistency was also ideal, with the right amount of liver to oil. Bread was freshly baked in house and very well executed. There was also a flavoured salt which seasoned the pate nicely and some pickles at the side which provided the acidity to balance the greasiness from the Pate.

If I had to pick on one thing, bread was too charred for my liking but this is probably just a personal preference.

Chicken liver pate was intense in flavour and seasoning. Creamy, unctuous, funky and with the liver aftertaste when everything else subsides. An acquired taste for sure but the umami is no joke. Pate had an extremely smooth and light texture, as it was almost fluid. Not sure what's in the four spice but there's citrusy notes and cinnamon. Doesn't complement the liver imo as the liver pate overpowers the four spice.

Elsewhere the pickled pearl onion and pickle proved to be really nice palate cleansers to prevent the pate from being too surfeiting


😍 This is my most anticipated place from Burpple Beyond’s list with 1-for-1 offers! Though the offer is applicable to mains only 😁
The mussels in white wine and herbs were unexpectedly small, which made eating them rather tiring 😅 Good thing it comes with some awesome sourdough bread to soak up the broth 😋
The Australian prawn capellini aglio olio with sakura ebi is good, but our favourite is actually the grilled cabbage with anchovy butter 🤣
Gotta return for their brunch items next time!
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Savory & creamy liver pâté that's paired w pickles. This plate came with 2 kinds of bread & I particularly enjoyed the fruity, raisin one the most! 💛 A great sharing starter to begin the meal.


Stellar sourdough bread with butter like chicken liver pate is all I’m dreaming of now... as I grab a quick meal amidst the craziest school week yet.

For an acquired taste this was a great starter to have here! The appetising premium pickles, balancing the rich pate, were welcomed too.

While the artisan salt condiment was luxurious, it was a mere accessory with the pate being savory enough.

All in all I am finally glad to have visited 2 weeks ago and cannot wait to be back when Dad’s paying for brunch 🙃


Chicken liver pate ($12)-creamy slightly sweet, was pretty good 3.75/5


Artisanal game strong – rustic and flavourful chunky chicken liver pate is paired with the restaurant's seminal freshly baked woodfired white sourdough and sourdough fruit loaf. A match made in heaven that's made even better with the crunchy tang of cornichons and pickled onions.

Taste: 4/5


I generally do not like liver unless it is foie gras. The fact that I loved this probably meant that it tasted like foie gras 😂 ... well, almost.
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Another stunner from Firebake, if you prefer your carbs in pasta form then this is for you. This comes with two large Australian prawns, al dente capellini tossed in oh-so fragrant prawn oil and a generous sprinkling of Sakura ebi. 👅💦💦💦

Could easily have cleaned the entire bowl if I weren't already super full hahaha. 😂Will definitely be back, especially for the chicken liver pâté! 😍


More like a pâté in my mouth. 👅💦💦💦Oh man, this was sooooo good, it took all our willpower not to fill up on just this and their uhhmazing bread. 🍞

Theirs was super smooth and buttery unlike other pâtés which tend to be thicker and stiffer in consistency. TL;DR. Just get this, you won't regret it! 😛