L'Entrecôte The Steak & Fries Bistro (Duxton)

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Trimmed Entrecote Steak

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$48++ set lunch is a filling affair with either a French onion soup or pate with baguette, a simple salad, steak with fries and either a large slice of lemon tart or profiteroles. Worth it for classic indulgent French food.

Finally I got to try this French steak and frites place! It has been on my bucketlist for the last 5 years or so but I never got the chance to head down. My partner surprised me with dinner here after a late day at work on a Sunday (yea, I know 😑)

We had the usual steak and the Wagyu one. As well as a 20cl carafe of red wine, escargots and profiteroles. Yumz. The Wagyu one is a clear winner for me at only $12++ more than the usual one. I think it’s a seasonal menu?

I know they pride themselves on their secret sauce but I am not too fond of it as I prefer to taste the beef juices in all its glory! But I can understand why some people love it! It went tremendously well with the fries! Which were free flow btw. I also liked how the servers will give you the second portion of the steak halfway through your meal (with more sauce) so that the steak is kept warm. Perfect for slow eaters like I am.

Profiteroles were what my partner remembered from his last trip there 8 years back. It’s pretty good!

We used chope vouchers and since it was a Sunday, we paid $75 for $150 worth of vouchers and topped up about $16 more for the whole meal. Very worth it I would say!

Well I wasn’t really impressed by the steaks. Came overly tough even done medium rare. Good view overlooking orchard. Good place for business meetings and weekend chill. (6.8/10)

Dining at this Duxton Hill bistro is as close to dining in Paris as you'd probably experience here in Singapore — the tables are cramped and you can listen in on your neighbours' conversation without much effort, but hey, that's part of the charm! Settle down to catch up with a friend (leave the airing of dirty laundry for another time) over a plate of Trimmed Entrecote Steak ($34.90 for 190g). Unlike the version at Les Bouchons, this one comes slathered in gravy. The steak itself is cooked to a perfect medium rare, and is served with golden fries and a walnut green salad. If you'd rather not have the meat drenched in their legendary sauce, ask to have the gravy served separately. The steak is automatically portioned into two; the second portion is brought to you halfway through the meal, so pace yourself. Pro tip: Ravenous? Order the 300g XXL portion at $54.90 instead.
Avg Price: $40 per person
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Beneath that uhhhhmazing sauce, lies true beauty. Just goes to show, you can be beautiful on the outside, and on the inside. 😝

Tonight's pretty amazing dinner situation at L'Entrecôte. First thing they serve you after ordering is a complimentary glass of wine! 🍷 (You've won me over already)

After clinking glasses with your dining partner, in comes the walnut green salad in a light tangy dressing and warm bread. You'll need all the veggies you can get to feel better about yourself thanks to free-flow fries.

When the steak arrives, it comes slathered in sauce and in a decent looking pile. Mine was cooked perfectly – medium rare and delightfully pink. Don't expect crazy buttery wagyu level beef, it was quite lean but tender and very nice. Surprise, that's only half of it too, they actually keep another half your steak till later to keep it warm! 😛(So there's actually quite a lot)

Now, the sauce here is described as legendary. Judging by our performance (we inhaled everything on the beef and got sauce refills THREE times while mopping everything up with the fries), I'd say they aren't exaggerating. It's like this thick, meaty, mushroomy gravy with a hit of vinaigrette. Since it was a secret recipe, the waitress was tight-lipped about it but it won't matter after I break in and raid their secret safe. All in all, a good meal fer sure.


What goes wrong with steak and fries :')

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At $32.90 for a 190 gram steak, I was quite surprised to be served complimentary Rosé wine! Which gave a nice touch. When my plate came, I thought it was quite a decent amount for me but mind you this is actually only around 100g of the 190g. They serve you your remaining half way through your meal. Guess it's a nice way to pace your eating. My steak was done just right medium rare and the herbed garlic sauce is really quite good! Fries are free flow and oh so addictive 🤤 @timchee complaint that his beef was more like medium rather than medium rare, but his beef was a bigger slab at 300g. For $49.90 it's quite good alr la. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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One of the more interesting steak frites in Singapore. It comes served with a special sauce that's rumoured to be made with chicken livers and cream. The steak was cooked to perfection, a nice medium rare. Free flow of fries are available here. The fries are good for mopping up the sauce too. All in all, it was a good steak with or without the sauce.


They slice the steak for you, for easy dining. Once you're done with the first round, they will serve the rest of the steak.

You can ask them to set the gravy aside in a bowl. Personally I prefer my steak to not be drenched in gravy, but this is not too bad, though at times overpowering. Still, it's steak and they did it just right (I asked for medium rare), so, yum.

The fries are refillable and addictive. Didn't touch much of the salad as I'd wanted to focus on the steak.

$32.90 and 3.8/5

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