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Egg Prata

$1.70 · 17 Reviews

Favorite prata in singapore! So crispy until your pants drop!

Slightly less disappointed than the previous experience, but it's really v different from the ENAQ I RMB.

This one had some parts reaching Mr and Mrs Mohgan level of crispiness and other parts lacking crisp completely

Gotta be honest, this isn't their best work. It's less crispy than usual, and I'll like to believe they made it on the spot just that service was slow(cos their egg Prata loses its crisp really quickly)

At 7pm at night on a weekday

2nd meal outside in phase 2, Prata was good as usual but I guess their previous sambal is never coming back. It tastes similar but it's more watery(less watery than the interim version)

Was actl soggy. Saw them leave a few at the side. Cant recall it happening last time before the change lol

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Always impressed with egg Pratas here when it's served immediately after being cooked (since for bigger orders they would hold until all the orders are ready). Even the parts with egg would be crispy, but they really lose their crisp very quickly so it's a race against time. My advice is to get at most 1 egg Prata for yourself, as the parts with egg are gonna lose their crisp by the time u get to the second piece


Not as crazy about it as some people are, but I do admit it's really comforting from the gooey cheese. While it doesn't pick up curry as well, it's surprisingly crispy given that there's filling(compared to the egg prata for example)

Though it’s quite a walk from the nearest Chinese Garden MRT station, this is one of the pratas that I will travel for. We were so impressed with both the plain ($1.10 each, minimum 2 pieces per order) and egg prata ($1.90) that we left wanting more. The crispiness on the outside and fluffiness on the inside were amazing on its own, but when paired with the accompanying fish curry and anchovies sambal, it made it even better. It’s like the food gods managed to find the perfect pairing of flour and curry, fit for any meal of the day. This is truly simplicity at its best, no frills and affordable. Between Sin Ming and Mr & Mrs Mohgan, Enaq has got to be ranked up there with the legends.
Address: 303, Jurong East Street 32, Singapore 600303
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Hanging out at Jurong neighbourhood area this weekend. First stop ~ My favourite prata stall, Enaq which has the most incredibly crispy and addictive prata. Dipped in a pool of sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth and add a little WOW factor!
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As an extremely regular patron, I'm glad to finally have them at their best today. Not sure if it's because we were quite early today but the egg prata was flawless. U get the crispiness of the kosong but the egg works so well with the caramelised exterior. Eat fast though as it will lose its crisp. Note that even though they do make it only when u order, and the kosong is quite consistently crispy, the egg isn't nearly always as good