Egg Prata

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Still the go-to place in my hood for some good ol' pratas, Enaq’s rendition is really one of my favourites. It is true that there are some issues with the consistency but I happened to go on a good day recently and it was pure crisp goodness. More squarish than the conventionally pratas, their kosong (plain) prata has those lovely tiny blisters which contribute to that charred dough flavour and not forgetting the buttery notes you get with each bite. Not overly doughy or greasy at all, the interior is also uber fluffy. Next up, the Egg Prata ($1.90) delivered almost the same crispiness from its exterior but with the added eggy fragrance. And what I love most is that their egg is distributed so evenly, thus the texture and taste are more balanced, unlike most which are usually spread in the middle causing it to be soggy.

This looked really promising but damn the crisp lasts wayyyy too short. I barely finished half the first piece, and I was alr rushing, and boom the crisp disappears. Probably don't expect ENAQ to be what it was anymore

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Guess this is their usual standard now. Passably crispy for the first 5mins. Not the world-beater I knew anymore

Favorite prata in singapore! So crispy until your pants drop!

Slightly less disappointed than the previous experience, but it's really v different from the ENAQ I RMB.

This one had some parts reaching Mr and Mrs Mohgan level of crispiness and other parts lacking crisp completely

Gotta be honest, this isn't their best work. It's less crispy than usual, and I'll like to believe they made it on the spot just that service was slow(cos their egg Prata loses its crisp really quickly)

At 7pm at night on a weekday

2nd meal outside in phase 2, Prata was good as usual but I guess their previous sambal is never coming back. It tastes similar but it's more watery(less watery than the interim version)

Was actl soggy. Saw them leave a few at the side. Cant recall it happening last time before the change lol

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Always impressed with egg Pratas here when it's served immediately after being cooked (since for bigger orders they would hold until all the orders are ready). Even the parts with egg would be crispy, but they really lose their crisp very quickly so it's a race against time. My advice is to get at most 1 egg Prata for yourself, as the parts with egg are gonna lose their crisp by the time u get to the second piece


Not as crazy about it as some people are, but I do admit it's really comforting from the gooey cheese. While it doesn't pick up curry as well, it's surprisingly crispy given that there's filling(compared to the egg prata for example)