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Egg Prata

$1.70 · 13 Reviews

Was actl soggy. Saw them leave a few at the side. Cant recall it happening last time before the change lol

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Always impressed with egg Pratas here when it's served immediately after being cooked (since for bigger orders they would hold until all the orders are ready). Even the parts with egg would be crispy, but they really lose their crisp very quickly so it's a race against time. My advice is to get at most 1 egg Prata for yourself, as the parts with egg are gonna lose their crisp by the time u get to the second piece


Not as crazy about it as some people are, but I do admit it's really comforting from the gooey cheese. While it doesn't pick up curry as well, it's surprisingly crispy given that there's filling(compared to the egg prata for example)

Though it’s quite a walk from the nearest Chinese Garden MRT station, this is one of the pratas that I will travel for. We were so impressed with both the plain ($1.10 each, minimum 2 pieces per order) and egg prata ($1.90) that we left wanting more. The crispiness on the outside and fluffiness on the inside were amazing on its own, but when paired with the accompanying fish curry and anchovies sambal, it made it even better. It’s like the food gods managed to find the perfect pairing of flour and curry, fit for any meal of the day. This is truly simplicity at its best, no frills and affordable. Between Sin Ming and Mr & Mrs Mohgan, Enaq has got to be ranked up there with the legends.
Address: 303, Jurong East Street 32, Singapore 600303
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Hanging out at Jurong neighbourhood area this weekend. First stop ~ My favourite prata stall, Enaq which has the most incredibly crispy and addictive prata. Dipped in a pool of sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth and add a little WOW factor!
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As an extremely regular patron, I'm glad to finally have them at their best today. Not sure if it's because we were quite early today but the egg prata was flawless. U get the crispiness of the kosong but the egg works so well with the caramelised exterior. Eat fast though as it will lose its crisp. Note that even though they do make it only when u order, and the kosong is quite consistently crispy, the egg isn't nearly always as good

This egg prata is less than $3. We love the sour sambal. Rating 8/10.

Name: ENAG Prata
Address: Block 303 Jurong East St 32

Taste: 5.0/5.0
Location: 3.0/5.0 (Need to take a bus from Jurong East MRT)
Price: 5.0/5.0

I can't believe I missed it while I've been living in the west side over 2 years!
Having read so many praises about ENAQ around the web, I was so excited to try them and the taste lives up to its reputation. I had Egg prata ($1.70) and Cheese prata ($2.0), and it was like no other prata I have had in SG so far. The dough is fantasitc - fluffy and crispy! I think I can enjoy them even without the curry. Made to order, the pratas literally melted in mouth and the sambal chilli sauce was cherry on the top.
I arrived around 5.20pm and only waited like 5 mins. Main meals like Nasi Goreng only starts at 6pm.
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This is definitely one of the better pratas I've had in a long while. The prata tore apart delicately with a soft pull of my fork and spoon, and was warm, fluffy and still retained its trademark crispness even as it disintegrated in my mouth. The sambal chilli at the side provided a nice spicy kick, and after eating this, I'd recommend all prata shops to serve sambal chilli as well.


This small coffeeshop is where Tastemaker Kenneth Lee believes you can find the best prata in Singapore, and the consistent crowds echo his sentiment — there are only about 10 tables so be prepared to wait for a seat. Thick and doughy but also crispy and not oily, the version here will appeal to those who like their pratas denser and fluffier, not so much paper-thin. Go for the Plain Prata ($1) or Egg Prata ($1.70), so you can enjoy the flavourful curry that comes on the side. Interestingly, the prata also comes with a side of sambal. Use this for dipping, or to customise the spiciness of the curry. You may also wish to add on a side of super tender and flavourful Mutton Curry ($4.50). For dessert, consider the Peanut Butter ($2) or the Milky Gem ($2) — plain prata with an oozy filling of condensed milk and M&M's candies. Did anybody say sugar rush?
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Kenneth Lee