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As I was exploring Yuhua Village for foods, I found this place which actually offered decent western food.

For $16, their pork steak actually come in a good portion. The pork steak has cut in pieces, which is easy to eat for me. Underneath was lots of mash potato with long beans.

Middle was perfect medium rare, while the edges were understandably a tad less cooked. For a thick, rather lean piece of steak this was really tender and juicy. Can understand why they're popular, their standards are closer to a Steakhouse than a hawker centre, though it is right beside yuhua market hawker centre. Personal recommendation is still to go to a Steakhouse for quality steak, though this is definitely the best option around if craving hits

Pretty damn good. Though it wasnt crispy, the pork was reasonably tender and flavourful, and somehow goes very well with the mashed potatoes in a single bite.


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Operating Hours (As per their menu):
Tues-Fri: 1700H-2230H (Last order at 2200H)
Sat-Sun & PH:1630H-2230H (Last order at 2200H)

Salad had a refreshing lemon vinagrette dressing, very tangy. Black pepper sauce had a subtle black pepper aftertaste and wasn't too thick. I think it was a nice touch of adding caramelised onions to the steak but more would have been preferred as I didn't think it significantly added any flavour to the dish.Overall, the steak was cooked beautifully and is one of the better steaks I've tried, comparable to restaurants that specialise in them.

Wedges (Tried from another bowl) are really good. Lightly salted, crisp on the outside, slightly moist and really fluffy on the inside. Food hack: Add the wedges into the mushroom soup.
Taste: 8/10

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If you’re ever in Jurong, do check out The Carving Board for restaurant quality food at affordable prices. I really love the atmosphere as it’s located at a coffee shop, non-pretentious, well-illuminated and bustling with fellow diners.

Whenever I’m there, I usually order the carbonara ($12). The pasta has a nice texture with bite and it’s loaded with many of the typical ingredients like a runny golden egg yolk, bacon and mushrooms.

I heard the steaks are great so that’ll be my next to-try dish there!

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Pork loin on a bed of truffle mash. Pork was a little too fatty for my liking but flavour is alright.


Back for this. Still love the generous portion and crispy skin. Oh and there’s free beer until 30 April 2019. Don’t miss it!

Affordable yet not compromising on the quality of food and dining experience! I mean it just $16 for the pork loin steak that serves with mashed and vegetables! It’s so tender and on point! $8 for a big serving of truffle fries! This is really fulfilling to kick start my week!
Damn I should have come here long time ago! They have beer on offer too! Beer lover don’t miss out! @thecarvingboardsg rocks!