Chao Ta Bee Hoon

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💬: Excuse me, I love carbs but this dish was so fucking good I would die for it

Gosh standard has dropped so much. No more herbal taste in the soup, and the fish in my bee Hoon was raw.

Very generous portion and flavorful. Their chili is ♥️👍

Properly known as JB Fried Bee Hoon on their menu, Seng Kee’s rendition of this pan fried vermicelli, hands down, beats any other Chaota Bee Hoon I’ve ever had BY A MILE.
They give a proper crisp char to the top, and beneath that crown hides a variety of seafood, sprouts and fragrant bits of fried egg. Do it justice and savour it with the sambal chilli & lime served on the side.
Opens all day and till the wee hours (4am), fantastic supper joint without having to queue for such hearty midnight munchies.

10bucks/serve (easily feeds 4 if you order other dishes too)


This place is well know for their kidney mee sua, but the other dishes here are good as well; like the Chao Ta Bee Hoon. The charred bee hoon is super crispy and it comes with prawns, bean sprouts, fish cake & egg. Pair it with the sambal chili & lime for the best taste experience.


@ Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup
• Chao Ta Bee Hoon - Large ($15)
• Steamed Red Grouper
• Sambal Potato Leaves
• Green Dragon Vegetables
• Claypot Pig Liver
• Ginseng Chicken Herbal Soup

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It's super yummy with plenty of Wok-hei!

Chao Ta Bee Hoon ($10)

One of the rare times where you actually relish having chao ta (burnt) food 😂. Have been wanting to compare this version by Seng Kee @seng_kee_black_chicken with JB Ah Meng's for quite a while. This had bean sprouts, small prawns and slices of fishcake added and the bee hoon was definitely more chao ta than jb ah meng's and I just loved munching on the chao ta bits! I think jb ah meng may edge this out by a bit because their addition of cuttlefish slices flavours the bee hoon better and the bee hoon itself is tastier.